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The Bjingles Newborn Box

A special thanks to Bjingles for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review!

So many friends and family members are welcoming babies these net several months and baby showers are quickly filling up the calendar! As a mother of three I consider myself to be quite experienced with babies and have a general idea of what is needed most with a newborn. I recently discovered the Bjingles newborn box and I have to say… they absolutely nailed it! This box contains some of the must have newborn items and would be the perfect gift for any expectant mom!

The Bjingles Newborn Box

The Bjingles Newborn Box was designed to provide new moms with the most enjoyable experience after their precious baby is born. The box includes a Bjingles Baby Night Light, a Bjingles Baby Soother and a Bjingles Digital Infrared Baby Thermometer, here is a more in depth description of each of the products found in the box: 

  • BJINGLES BABY NIGHT LIGHT: provides a peaceful and serene environment for an ideal restful sleep for your baby to feel refreshed the next day- it is perfect for night time feedings, is rechargeable and stays cool to the touch.

You are going to change SO MANY diapers during those first few months, especially throughout the night. The last thing you want is to turn on bright lights while changing baby at night and disrupt their sleep cycle. You would be surprised how many diapers you will change while baby is half asleep and quickly falls back into a peaceful rest once their diaper is changed. Having a baby night light provides you with just the right amount of lighting to get night changing and feedings done without fully waking baby. 

  • BJINGLES BABY SOOTHER: offers 6 Calm and Comforting Sounds for your baby to sleep soundly. The sounds include Heartbeat, Lullaby, White Noise, Shushing, Ocean, and Rain. With these calming sounds, your baby will sleep soundly so you can say goodbye to sleepless nights.

I tell new parents all of the time that one of the biggest mistakes they can make when baby is first born is being too quite around them while they sleep. I have always made sure to be very loud when my babies sleep… by the time I got to baby #3, she could sleep through an earthquake! I have found that playing some sort of sound machine as soon as you bring baby home truly helps with this. You have to remember… things were very noisy for baby when they were in the womb, then suddenly they are born and people assume that we must start being quite so we don’t upset baby. WRONG! The Bjingles baby soother provides sounds that your baby was use to in the womb, plus a few more sounds that will help them so sleep. 

  • BJINGLES DIGITAL EAR & FOREHEAD INFRARED THERMOMETER: is designed to take the body temperature of your entire family, and provides instant, accurate & reliable temperature results, due to its advanced medical infrared technology. It is dual mode so use it in ear and forehead. Furthermore, take temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. It memorizes and recalls up to 20 readings to analyze temperatures. Make sure to remove the Mode conversion cover to use it for taking temperature through ear. 

After using a forehead thermometer with my baby years ago I will absolutely never go back to anything else! I look back at all the years I struggled to get my babies temperature with a standard thermometer  when I was a new mom and it was never an easy task. The Bjingles thermometer makes the experience much easier for both mom and baby and will be a great tool for many years to come… I still use this type of thermometer on my older kids!

The Bjingles Newborn Box

Looking for the perfect gift for that mom to be or an expectant mom trying to check of that list of must haves? I highly recommend the Bjingles newborn box and can honestly say that these are three items that I will always have on my list for newborn must haves.  

Check out the Bjingles website today learn more and get your box today! This would also be the perfect gift for an expectant mom!

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