2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The Best Toys For Kids This Christmas

 A very special thanks to SainSmart Jr. for partnering with us this year for our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!

If you have kids to shop for this year, then you are in luck, because SainSmart Jr. has options available for children of all ages. Here is what they have to say about the products they sell on their website:

“SainSmart Jr. offers innovative, safe, and credible products for kids that make parents’ lives easier and more enjoyable. Toys are the tools that encourage children to think and learn deeply. It tells kids about creativity and imagination that will provide the foundation for more structured logic and critical thinking in their future life. This is what we focus on – Play to learn, learn to play.”

What initially drew my to SainSmart Jr. was the type of toys that they sell. I really enjoy gifting my kids toys that are hands on and more specifically… toys that encourage them to use their imagination! If you have been following me for awhile now, you often see me talk about the importance of imaginative play.

From building blocks, to walking dinosaurs… puzzles… archery… even train sets… their website offers a large variety of toys that are going to bring out the imaginative and playful side in your child! Let’s take a closer look at each product featured in this holiday gift guide for kids toys.

The Wooden Log Cabin Set is the perfect gift for toddlers. This set includes 450 pieces made of real, high-quality birch wood. Each piece has indentations that can be used to connect it with others. The set also includes a roof, roof facade, walls, chimney, porch, and fences. This set is also designed with STEM building concepts. As a moth of four I can assure you, my kids have spend hours upon hours playing with this!

The Deluxe Wooden Train Set is a toy item that comes highly recommend. Each one of my children has always owned a train set and it is a toy that they love and play with for years. There are so many ways to set up a train set, it is so much fun to watch your children play with them. This particular set is unique in that it comes with a rail high-level part, which allows your child to create a fun, multi-level track. There are truly so many ways to have fun with a train set.

The Remote Control Dinosaur Robot is a 2-in-1 electronic walking dinosaur that is also another must have toy this year. Dinosaurs are never going out of style and have and always will be a toy that young kids love. This particular dinosaur can either be controlled by a simple button… or you can control it with a remote. This dinosaur includes exciting roaring sounds, authentic footstep sounds, light-up eyes, a moving head, and real walking action.

If your kid has a bow and arrow on their Christmas list this year, I have found the perfect ones! This set contains 5 suction cup arrows that are sturdy and durable. This set also has cool lighting effects that will come out automatically when your child pulls the string. This is a really great gift to encourage your child to get outdoors and play. Archery sets are really great for teacher hand eye coordination as well.

The wooden blocks puzzle is a great option for a stocking stuffer toy! The objective of this puzzle is to get all of the blocks back together on the board with no spaces. This type of puzzle encourages problem solving and creativity since it can be solved so many different ways. While there are multiple ways, it is still going to be a challenge each time they play since you won’t solve it the same way every time.

There you have it… the top toys on my shopping list this holiday season. Don’t take my word for it… head over to SainSmart Jr. today and view all of the amazing and imaginative toys they have available!

Black Friday deals from November 15th to 30th:

  • 20% off site wide
  • Buy any wooden toy, pay more $1 can get a wooden block puzzle
  • Some of toys will be sold in a bundle (lower than the 20% off price)

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