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The Best Natural & Safe Toys For Your Baby

A special thanks to For Your Bug-A-Boo for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review!

I have some very exciting and sad news for you all today, my beautiful baby girl is officially half way through her first year old life! These past several months have just flown by and my baby girl has changed so much, I can not believe how active she is now. Just last month four little teeth popped through her gums and that sweet little grin of hers got 100 times cuter. While teething went very smoothly and yielding very little fuss, she still attempted to put everything in site directly to her mouth. With so many lead scares and questionable chemicals in products these days, it is very important to make sure I provide my baby with toys that won’t harm her. I have compiled a great list of some of my most favorite natural and safe baby toys… toys that you can guarantee won’t harm your baby!

The Best Natural & Safe Toys For Your Baby

The green spouts infinity teether rattle toy is a figure-8 rattle that twists and turns to help develop coordination. The surface helps in relieving sore gums and soothing your baby during those days of teething. This is PVC, BPA, and Phthalate free, so you need not worry about your child ingesting harmful chemicals. The infinity teether is also made from Plypropylene and toxic-free TPE. My daughter has so much fun playing with this rattle and at 4 months, she was able to handle it on her own. The different bumps, grooves and textures are a great feature and the natural colors are quite appealing. My daughter loves to push around the little rings, as well as twist the rattle to form different shapes.

The Best Natural & Safe Toys For Your Baby

Ever since my daughter was born she has always took comfort in blankets and loveys during nap time. She absolutely can not fall asleep for a nap unless her blanket or lovey are touching her cheeks and gripped in her hands. The bunny blanket friend from Under the Nile Organics is a  security blanket friend ideal for little ones to snuggle. as well as play with. The little knots allow for your baby to use as a teething remedy. This soft and comforting lovey is made with the finest Organic Egyptian Cotton and machine washable for when it needs a cleaning. I just love that this is lovey is layered and that it contains a variety of ways to snuggle with it.

The Best Natural & Safe Toys For Your Baby

Just look how much my little lady loves this bunny lovey, the perfect friend to comfort your baby at nap time!

The Best Natural & Safe Toys For Your Baby

Well it’s no secret that we love owls around here and I was delighted to see that Under the Nile has adorable organic owl toys! This toy is made from 100% organic Egyptian cotton to ensure it does not come into contact with any pesticides or chemicals during the manufacturing process. Not only is this a great toy for your baby to hug and snuggle with, but the owl’s soft and squishy body makes for a perfect teething toy. The toy even has a little loop at the top so you can clip it in the car seat and stroller, no longer worrying about it accidentally falling out.

The Best Natural & Safe Toys For Your Baby

So much cuteness!

The Best Natural & Safe Toys For Your Baby

My baby had never ever liked the car seat… and I mean… NEVER! The moment I put her in the car seat and start placing her straps on, she is already screaming hysterically. And it doesn’t get any better once we start driving, the screams will continue until we meet our destination and she is back in my arms. Nothing I can say, sing or did comforts her, that was until we discovered the wonderful Lola The Ladybug! This genius little stroller/crib toy has a mirror on its belly a rattle that makes an intriguing jingle when shook. The ladybug also has a handy strap so you can attach it to a car seat or stroller. I immediately hand this to my daughter when putting her in the car seat and she will stop crying right away. I love hearing the little chimes from the toy as I am driving, it’s truly a toy she loves and enjoys playing with. The ladybug is made from certified organic cotton and the manufacturer MiYim makes their products with certified organic cotton, which are colored in a water bath with dyes from plants and minerals, and are free of harmful substances from start to finish. MiYim also practices low-eco impact manufacturing by purifying waste water from the coloring process before releasing it back to the environment.

The Best Natural & Safe Toys For Your Baby

So there you have it, four of mine and my daughter’s most favorite safe and natural toys! I hope you enjoyed the selections, if you are interested in adding them to your baby’s collection, you can pruchase all of them from the For Your Bug-A-Boo shop, all their information is down below!

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42 thoughts on “The Best Natural & Safe Toys For Your Baby

  1. All of these look amazing.The infinity rattle is not something I’ve seen before, and looks very interesting for baby! Looks to be a toy they could enjoy for an extended period of time due to all the textures and bending. I really want one now!

  2. Busy toys, all-in-one are the best! This Lola Ladybug looks great, as it is small, colorful, has many fun functions and makes lots of great noises. Just right for an inquisitive little mind. Thumbs up in this Nana’s corner.

  3. How cute are these toys my little nephew would love to play with them. The teether looks cute love the colors they made it in.

  4. The stuffed owl is just adorable, and it is so cool that they even use organic cotton so there are no toxins in cloth the baby might chew. I love this store.

  5. I love Under the Nile! We have the green bean veggie teether and a scrappy dog. Their items are so cute! I haven’t seen the owl before. I love that too!

  6. If that is your little girl pictured here she is a cutie. Thanks for this review, love how everything is natural and organic. Everything goes into a babie’s mouth and have never seen a rattle like this. I have a 20 month old great granddaughter and still puts most things in her mouth. Would love to get her the blanket and owl.

  7. That bunny blanket looks so cute! The infinity rattle is awesome too! Your daughter is adorable! We are having another baby girl in April, so I need to stock up on baby essentials again!

  8. I really love all the colors in these photos. The toys just look so lovely and what a pretty little girl you have.

  9. I wish my daughter had gotten attached to a “lovey”. It might have made it easier to go to sleep without me! The ones in the review here look so snuggly.


  11. That first picture of your baby with the owl is precious! I love the idea of natural, chemical-free toys. Babies already put so much into their mouths that I’d like to reduce (and hopefully eliminate) the chances of them ingesting chemicals by buying natural toys. The mirror on the belly of Lola the Ladybug is a winner. My daughter loves mirrors!

  12. Oh wow thanks for this compiled list! I love making blankets and burp rags and giving clothes that are a few sizes too big(we sometimes forget babies grow) and my friends love it, they tell me so and s finally fits in the clothes you gave me!

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