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8 Adorable Decoration Ideas For a Baby Girl Room

Decorating the room for girls is not easy at all. It also needs to have interesting ideas to decorate the room to be beautiful and cute and make the baby love her own little space. There are many simple, inexpensive ideas that you can apply to decorate your daughter’s room. Here are 8 super cute ideas that you and your baby are gonna love.

Decorate with picture frames

Hang the frames with various design, material, and color on a wall in the baby room. Combine some pictures of your baby on the wall to make room eye-catching with this super cute idea. You can choose to hang on the wall right next to the bed, so your baby can look at the artistic achievement of their parents before going to sleep or waking up every morning.

Decorate with light

Light is one of the most efficient factors that bring the maximum effect when decorating the interior. Light and medium of light transmission bring the lively, shimmering for the room.

The baby’s room will be more beautiful and cute with the presence of string lights and chandeliers. For girls, you should make cute patterns with colorful string lights and buy chandeliers with feminine designs, which not only help the room beautiful but also attract the look of the baby when entering the room.

Decorate with decal

Animal, flower shaped decal, … is a popular choice for families with young children. You should spend some time to understand what she likes. Normally, girls love decal themes that are romantic, lovely, feminine. Flowers, butterflies, rabbits, … will become lively when they appear in the baby’s room.

Pay attention to the smallest details

Small details, but can bring great decorative effect, especially the room of the girls. Place small frames, or accessories on the shelf, or simply the daily toys of your baby girl are suggestions that parents should not overlook when decorating the baby room.

Decorate window box

No need for flower pots hanging from the wall outside the window, just attach a handmade box to the wall inside the baby’s room. You can go shopping with your baby to choose plastic flowers, fabric flowers, and small decorations. This decoration is simple but will help your little princess more love her room, especially the window frame.

Choose white

If you are wondering what colors to choose as the main color for your daughter’s room, you can choose white. Pure white color will help to improve the mood of the baby, keep her cheerful.

The important thing is that with white color as the main color of the room, you can easily choose the color as green, pink to decorate to bring your baby’s colorful and full of vitality space.

Choose a bed

When your baby has her own room, you should pay close attention to choosing a bed. Maybe the sleeping days with the parents make her don’t want to sleep alone and be independent. You can choose a baby bed with beautiful designs, and especially attractive to make her feel excited when having the own space.

Select decorative curtains

Curtains not only to light up when needed but also used to decorate the room of the girls more beautiful and girly. Curtains help shape personality and aesthetic taste for baby.

Therefore, parents should choose curtains with soft fabrics and lovely colors, prints such as princesses, castles, flowers or cute animals. The color of the curtains should combine harmoniously with the tone of the room to make the space more attractive and sweet.


I bet that with these simple ideas, your daughter will love the bedroom and excitingly enjoy her own little space. If you have any other interesting idea, feel free to share with me by leaving comments below. Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!

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