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The Best Fall Patio Décor

There has been a hint of fall in the evenings here in Georgia, this immediately put me in the mood to start getting the yard ready for fall! This doesn’t have to be expensive or over complicated, all it takes is a few items and your patio is ready for you to enjoy this fall!

Mums and Pumpkins Galore

You can never have too many pumpkins and mums for your patio, the more the better. I love getting all of the colors, layering them is a great idea as well. Stacking pumpkins alongside them really pulls it all together.

Patio Lighting

I never realized what a huge transformation it is once you hang up some lights in your patio area… but once we did I was in love! This is such a simple way to not only give some soft light to your patio, but it also makes it a much warmer and relaxing place to spend time.

Add A Backyard Firepit

Our family really enjoys spending time out on the back patio and one of our favorite things to use is the firepit. What is so great about them is that they can be enjoyed all year long, not just in the fall. Sunnydaze Decor products are the perfect complement to your fall patio decor this year and will bring you happiness every single year!

Sunnydaze Outdoor Fire Pits are available in a number of unique designs, materials, and sizes to complement any yard, patio, or outdoor space. That have many different styles so it will be easy to find one that fits your style and needs. If you decide to place an order for a new firepit, make sure to use coupon code FIREPIT2022 to save 10% from 9/8/2022- 9/30/2022.

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