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The 5 Step Guide to Planning an Impressive Children’s Party (Without Breaking the Bank)

The 5 Step Guide to Planning an Impressive Children’s Party (Without Breaking the Bank)

Every child wants their party to be the one that everyone gets excited about and talks about at school for weeks afterwards. Unfortunately, as a parent throwing the best children’s party can cost an absolute fortune! Expectations seem to get higher each year and with it so do the associated costs. Even at a young age, kids have a tendency to compare the different parties that their friends have had. There are professional event planners out there that find planning their own children’s party more stressful than huge corporate events! So how can you plan a party that your child is impressed with without taking out a second mortgage? It certainly isn’t easy but it is possible with the right preparation. Here is our 5-step guide to planning a fantastic children’s party:

Discuss themes with your child

 It might sound obvious but speak to your child about what their ideal party would involve. You can manage their expectations early, so when they start mentioning unicorns or having the New York Yankees in attendance, you can explain that it isn’t possible. This will help to prevent them from building the party up too much in their head. You can also get a good idea of what the current craze is in terms of party themes, as themes can quickly come in and disappear. One minute you think you know exactly what the coolest party theme is, the next it is the least cool ever.

Make a checklist

 There are so many different things to think about in the weeks leading up to the party that it is easy to forget a really important element. Download a checklist that you can work through to ensure you don’t miss off anything important. On your checklist, you should include checking that there are no other birthdays from your child’s class that same day and if there is, contact the parents to suggest a joint party.

Look at cheap local venues

 You might find that you can book roller skating or soccer at a local sports center for a couple of hours and this can work out a lot cheaper than taking a class to other activities. Or maybe a function room at a local community venue, where you can then bring your own food instead of paying for catering. Softplay centers often do group discounts and if you want to take a backseat and leave the details to someone else, they will usually organize all the essentials for you. If you are confident about the weather, you could even plan a fun and games event at a local park but you would probably need quite a few helpers on hand!

Speak to the teacher

If you talk to your child’s teacher quite often, you can always run any ideas by them. Although party planning isn’t in their job description, they will be able to tell you if there are any issues like recent fallouts or incidents that will help you to avoid problems on the day. You can also check you have an up to date class list. The teacher may also be able to give you a reality check if you are planning more than you can handle!

The Ultimate Party bag

The last impression that your child’s friends will have of the party is how good or bad the party bag is. The idea of a party bag is a very traditional concept but what you actually put in them doesn’t have to be traditional. Children’s party bags can pose a real headache for parents but you can check this website out for ideas for party supplies. You don’t have to go over the top with the party bags but try and fill the bag up with fun little items and good value sweets.

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