Keep an Eye on Your Kid’s Location With Parental Control Android

Keep an Eye on Your Kid's Location With Parental Control Android

Has your teen ever betrayed you by saying she wants to stay overnight at a friend’s place, but you got to know she was sneaking out at the club? Well, it must have been quite frustrating and it must be, but we all should realize that no matter how responsible teens are, they can still lie about their whereabouts. So, instead of punishing them in such situation, discuss the matter and find out a solution. And the process will be simplified if you keep your tone friendly throughout the discussion. With that, you should be knowledgeable about the fact that:

Teens are smart at mending truths

As it goes by, teens are very good at mending the truths and hiding their whereabouts all day long. It is quite fishy yet very common. If your teens show any weird behavior or ignore to tell whereabouts you should understand that there is something wrong. They can get involved in drugs, extensive drinking, clubbing, and violence too. These are only a few of the possibilities there can be many more with severe impact. We know that teens are getting smarter day by day and they are very sharp in hiding the truths. But with that, we should also realize that there are a lot of risks which can leave long-lasting Impacts on their lives. As drug abuse is getting common, every high school kid is at stake. And teens need your help instead of your anger. To help you out in this, we have compiled some of the tips here!

  1. Inspect calmly – Even if you figure out that your teens are lying then too you becoming outburst with anger can ruin the situation. React carefully, but don’t leave all of your ground. The best approach in today’s parenting is to be a friend to your child and let them explain why they sneaked out and hid the location. They might become comfortable to share what they are going through this helping you and your child avoid the serious troubles.
  2. Know where they have been – Well, it seems difficult to many parents to stay in the know of the kids’ whereabouts, but in this digital era, it’s just a tap away. You can simply use parental control Android and keep on tracing them. The apps help parents view all of the places they visited without asking them again and again. You can also Geo-fence important locations to receive the check in and check out alerts if you choose some advanced app like FamilyTime.

Keep an Eye on Your Kid's Location With Parental Control Android

How FamilyTime – Teen Tracking App Relates?

FamilyTime – parental control Android is suitable for location tracking because it’s GPS tracking feature is wholesome. If you get any hint that your teen is hiding the whereabouts you can check his/her whereabouts on the FamilyTime virtual map in the run time. Then there is an option to check their location history for the past few months, which means that the app logs all the addresses your kids visit with the date and time stamps. And as said earlier, you can also create the virtual fence around important places they visit most often such as school, home, friends’ places etc. With that, there are a lot more features that help parents in parenting such as PickMeUp alerts tat they receive from kids when it is time to pick them up and SOS alerts that kids can send them in case of emergency.

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