Ten Must-Have Items To Change Up Your Style

Fashion is one of those things that we think about every day and is a constant in life. For some, being able to express one’s self is a way to get confidence and excel in their field. It is also one of the most important things in history because of its ability to preserve the culture of an era. However, its most important purpose is to channel the creativity and personality of an individual through the choice of clothing.

A person’s fashion sense tells everything about their personality and how they feel. With different personalities, people are able to create different fashion styles that compliment their own kind of aesthetics. Changes are normal when it comes to fashion because of the trends that appear every year (or every month). However, there are styles that can weather out the changes and stay even after so many years. An example of these all-time favorite styles is the edgy, unconventional, yet chic clothing style.

An unconventional and edgy look is for people who like to stand out in crowds. Usually characterized by black leather, distressed fabrics, and rugged boots, this style is can be mixed with other styles and create a more customized flavor. One of its most popular flavors is the “hard edge,” which is characterized by the items described above. However, any kind of clothing and accessories that creates an “edgy look” when put together is considered an edgy style.

The good news for fashion enthusiasts is that modern technology and fashion can merge into one convenient tool. Now that online shopping is the new norm, it is easier to get all the clothes you need to assemble your desired fashion look. It is now easier to see brands and stores where people shop like you. What are the ten must-have items to create that edgy, unconventional, yet chic look? Here are the top ten fashion items to try out.

  1. Band Tees or Tanks
    Band tees or tanks are one of the must items when sporting an edgy look. Tees and tanks are comfortable and easy to wear and, in addition, goes well with the other items. Not to mention, expressing the love for your favorite artist.
  2. Skinny Jeans
    Skinny jeans are also good items for the wardrobe. They can be paired with almost anything: tees, tanks, bodysuits, and more.
  3. Disco Pant
    If you want something different, a disco pant can be one of your choices. These glossy pairs can rock even in the most unconventional top.
  4. Moto Jacket (or vest)
    If you’re into accessories and would want to make things more fashionable, a moto jacket or vest can add a more desirable effect. In addition, this clothing can be paired in almost anything.
  5. Earth-Colored Skirt
    For more formal occasions, a skirt can do the job. It gives better viewing angles. A good skirt paired with a good top will give you more confidence. The more neutral the color, the better. 
  6. The Perfect Bag
    There are perfect bags for every occasion. Since there are perfect bags for each occasion, buying the right one now includes thinking about what complements your wardrobe clothes the most. Some people use a purse instead of the bag.
  7. Accessories
    Accessories or jewelry can complement your look and strengthen the theme of your style. Not only will it help you highlight the vest or jacket you’re wearing, but it also highlights your skin color. 
  8. Rocker Hats (or a Beanie)
    Hats and beanies are also good items to complement your clothes. The only difference is that these items can act as a shield against the sun and can express your mood better.
  9. Rocker Shorts
    There are times when the temperature is not perfect for more sophisticated clothing. Fortunately, there are also ways to keep your fashion aesthetics unique. Vintage style shredded denim shorts can help to fight off the hot climate.
  10. Perfect Shoes
    Just like in other styles, there will be perfect shoes for every occasion. If you want to hang out with your friends and would like to go for casual walks, a wedge-type heel or boot is the perfect pick. If you want to have a more glamorous look, you can achieve that style with a good pair of high-heeled sandals. For outdoor trips and sporting events, a sporty shoe is also a good choice.

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