Silver vs Gold: Which Is The Best Jewelry To Buy?

When shopping for jewelry, there’s often one main question that will be the deciding factor, above all others. Gold, or silver? What would look better, 22k gold jewelry or its silver alternative? It’s an incredibly important question, too. It’s not like you’re just buying a loaf of bread – you’re buying an expensive item, and every single thing about it must be perfect. Gold and silver are the two most precious jewelry metals in the world, available in everything from rings to bracelets. As a result, there’s plenty of information, tips and tricks regarding thrifty shopping between the two. And this post will hopefully help you decide what’s best! So kick back, relax, and grab a cup of cocoa! If you’re going to be shopping for a piece of jewelry soon, for any occasion, here’s some information to help you choose between gold and silver.

Initial price

Which will cost you less money upfront? The short answer to that is silver, but the longer answer is ‘what does the ring look like?’ A silver ring embezzled with diamonds will be more costly than a basic gold ring. At a basic level, gold is much more valuable than silver, but that isn’t always reflected in the jewelry market. When prices for these materials fluctuate, those fluctuations reflect on the products us consumers can buy. And that means if gold is going through a rough patch, then silver will be more costly. But, as mentioned, when you add diamonds, emeralds and other stones into the equation, things get more complicated. But to conclude, bear this in mind. If your heart is set on a gold piece of jewelry, prepare to pay more for it! If you and your family are on a budget, then silver would generally be the cheaper option. You can visit the website to discover more about buying silver online.

Silver vs Gold: Which Is The Best Jewelry To Buy?

Resale and lasting value

Precious metals are inherently valuable, but it’s still a good idea to assess which type will prove most valuable in ten, twenty years. When you write a will or when you’re ready to pass the jewelry on, the amount of money it’s worth can be a big deal! But, obviously, predicting what the market will be like in ten, twenty, thirty years will prove rather tricky. Both types of jewelry are incredibly valuable anyway, so should this factor into your decision? If we were to make an educated guess about which metal will be worth more in ten years, we’d have to go with silver. Gold tends to slip in and out of popularity, whereas silver stays, consistent and steadfast. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, something to sell on again in a few years, silver is a much safer option.

Factor in your skin tone

So we’ve covered the value of both materials on the whole, now let’s look at which is best for you, personally. Believe it or not, but your skin tone can drastically affect how gold and silver materials look when you wear them. Think about how you choose the colors of your clothing. Some of the same principles apply here, and your skin tone is one of the most important factors. Generally speaking, if you have a warmer skin tone, you’ll be best suited to yellows/golds. A warm skin tone basically means you have a tan, so those who struggle with that may find silver the best choice!

Those of you who have a cooler, paler skin tone will be best suited to silver. The bright nature of gold jewelry means that it clashes horribly with paler skin, standing out like a sore thumb. Silver blends much better, and is a lot more subtle. Make sure you consider the season too. The summertime will make your skin tone look warmer, while the winter will make it look cooler. If it’s a bracelet, shown only with short sleeves, then you’ll be wearing it most with summer clothing. In short, if you have darker skin, opt for gold. If you have lighter skin, opt for a silver. That’s what fits best!

Factor in your clothing style

Once you’ve determined your skin tone, it’s time to assess the other big component of the process; clothes. Your clothes, much like your skin tone, are best suited to one particular type of metal. Generally speaking, darker items of clothing go best with gold, and lighter items of clothing go best with silver. Those of you who prefer to wear deep blacks and purples will find gold matches your look best. On the other hand, if you prefer to wear white tops and pale, unsaturated colors, silver would match with that.

Again, bear in mind the season. Nobody wears black in summer, so silver is the order of the day here. Gold is better suited to the winter months when all the dark clothes start to come out. But what about the colors in between – greens, oranges and even browns? Well… that’s where color coordination start to get tricky. In this instance, I’d defer to your skin tone for the final say. But on the whole, if it’s a light green, silver, dark green, gold. Base your choice on the color saturation.

In conclusion

So, which is better; gold or silver? Well, some would consider it a cop-out, but neither is better than the other. They both have their own sets of pros and cons. This is largely down to your own look and your own personal preferences, and only you knows you best! And which should you buy? If you have the budget, I’d go for both. It’s impossible to dress and look a certain way 365 days a year, and sometimes silver will work better than gold, and vice versa. Just remember these important tips whenever you’re thinking of buying, or wearing, your jewelry! 

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