7 Tips To Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy

You adore your pet and you will never like your pet to be sad or unhealthy. Pets make our home complete. They fill our lives with a smile and amusement. They are a sweet loving companion for whom we would go that extra mile and take care of their little needs. If you want your pet to be healthy and happy then following some pet health tips can make things better. Here we will discuss 7 tips to keep your pets healthy and happy.

  1. You should know where to get emergency vet care for your pet:

What if your cat or dog has swallowed something undesirable? What can you do? Handling an emergency is not simple and when you have holidays, it may get even more difficult to treat your pet at an odd hour. It is recommended to ask your veterinarian in advance about such situations. You must keep a note of the phone number of a vet or an emergency clinic who can assist you at such an hour. Some clinics have hotline numbers to assist you. May such things never happen with your pet, but you should be prepared in advance for any type of emergency situations.

  1. Keep dangerous foods out of reach:Most of the typical holiday goodies are treats for your pets. Sweets, yeast dough, and chocolates are toxic for the pets and AVMA also warns about this to the pet owners. AVMA also says that table scraps and your diet of extra rich foods are very fattening and hard for the animals as they cannot digest it and it can cause pancreatic to the pets. Never leave alcoholic drinks around pets because if they ingest it, it can cause respiratory failure, they could feel weak and in some cases, it can even result in death. 
  2. Your pet needs exercise:Following the same walking path can be boring for your pet. Let your dog walk you and you will be surprised to see where your dog’s nose can take you. Also, feed your pet with high-quality foods and you will see their energy increasing. It will keep your pet healthy as well. Give the right food to your pet and have a good exercise routine for them. It is necessary for humans and animals both to stay in proper shape.
  3. Give your pet some belly rubs:Dogs love belly rubs and when they roll over their back, it means they trust you and love you. So, when your pet is down and rolling on his back the next time, give your pet an affectionate rub. It will make the pet happy.
  4. Keep the pet clean: Bathe your pet at regular intervals. Take care of their oral hygiene as well. Regular tooth brushing is necessary for the pet to avoid periodontal diseases. You should also use the pet vaccuum cleaner to keep your home neat and clean. Your pet should have clean surroundings. They shed a lot of hair and pet hair cleaningwill not just be good for them, but it will be great for you as well. You can avoid many diseases.
  5. Your pet should have personal space: We all need personal space to unwind and relax. Dogs and cats should have their personal space as well. If you have a guest and relatives at home, your pet should not be uncomfortable. Your pet should have a space to relax. It will ensure your pet is healthy and happy.
  6. Be prompt in cleaning the trash: If you have a get together at home, then you will see more trash than usual. Some trash will engage your pet, but you should get rid of it as soon as possible. Clear the food, dispose of it outside so the smell doesn’t tempt the pet. Take care of ribbons, bows and other material which may attract the pet. It can cause intestinal blockages in case the pet swallows them. So, take care of it.


These 7 tips will allow you to keep your pet safe and healthy. Cleanliness is very important and it will be better to invest in the best vacuums for pet hair so the house atmosphere is clean for you and your loving pets. The other tips will also help you avoid unnecessary issues as well. These are some ways to give the best care to your pet. 

17 thoughts on “7 Tips To Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy

  1. My aunt is thinking about getting a dog this winter for her kids but she wants to make sure that they are prepared to take care of them so that they won’t freeze. I’ll be sure to tell her feeding him higher-quality foods can increase their energy so that the kids will be able to play with them more. It could be really nice for her to get some advice for the type of dog that she should get from a vet that could explain what each breed needs.

  2. Very informative article! I have been walking my pet for the past few months and I have come to trust his nose. He is a small pug and he can smell a bigger and aggressive dog from a long distance and would take me away from that path, since he was bitten twice by a St. Bernard.

  3. You make a great point about keeping your pet clean. My sister is hoping to find a good mat for her dog. She’s hoping to find something that’s more comfortable to sleep in.

  4. My wife and I are hoping to get a pet for our family next spring. I love your tip about keeping dangerous foods out of reach. We’re hoping to find a great place that can offer great tips on pet care.

  5. It really helped when you said that handling a pet emergency wouldn’t be easy, especially on holidays. The dog we adopted has always been healthy and we’re not sure if we’ll know what to do if he gets sick. I think it would be better if we’ll find an animal care hospital that we can go to just in case something happens.

  6. Thanks for sharing your experience travelling with your pup. I love taking mine places, and it’s so nice when you can find a hotel that is pet friendly AND truly enjoys having pets. Some are just okay sure have a dog, but then eh… they aren’t embracing about it. Anyway, great tips – some I didn’t know!

  7. Is coconut oil is effective to prevent periodontal disease in all dog breeds.
    Thanks for sharing such interesting article.

  8. What a great article thank you. As the owner of four rescue canine family members, I can attest to the fact that sharing a dog with affection, especially if a rescue dog, can make a world of difference in their behavior and barking patterns.
    gilbertocintron´s recent blog post.

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