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Teen Fashion on a Budget

Leading a fashionable teenage life is fascinating yet at the same time challenging. During your teenage it is natural to have budget-constraints but at the same time you need to look fashionable and stylish to gain the appreciation of your peers. The concern here is not to buy expensive outfits, footwear and accessories, but to buy budget-friendly items which can be twisted and turned or mix and matched with each other. So, what are the budget-friendly fashion picks that every teen should know about? Here goes the list for you:

  • White tee-The ultimate basic white tee is a piece of outfit that should definitely be there in a girl’s wardrobe. Right from pairing it up with jeans and skirts or wearing it under open button shirts and sweaters, nothing can be classier than the tee itself.
  • Shirt-The best part about owning a shirt is that it can be worn as a formal wear by tucking it inside the trousers or left it tucked out if it’s a casual look. To make this casual look even trendier, it can be worn unbuttoned under a solid coloured tank top.
  • Classic jeans-This is a must-have fashion element that every girl should possess. Teenage life is more about hanging out with friends over a cup of coffee or going out for movie date. The ideal way to make sure you do justice to your fashion statement is to wear your classic jeans with anything you like.
  • Black leggings-Just like a pair of classic denim jeans, owning a pair of black leggings is important. From pairing up the leggings with any Indian wear to wearing it for the gym session, your leggings can stand the test of time perfectly.
  • Ballet flats-Every teenage girl has to go through several rounds of interviews and sessions. To rock that formal look in the best subtle way possible, every teen should own a pair of ballet flats, preferably a black one that can go with everything and anything.
  • Bra –A good fitted bra is the most essential fashion pick for a teenage girl. Too tight or too loose bra can make your bust area look disproportionate. Always make sure you choose a bra that will not just fit properly but will also accentuate your figure.
  • LBD –Of course it is taken for granted that a teenage girl would definitely want to party at times. So, to make sure the partying days don’t get repeated with the same usual clothes, it is very crucial for a girl to have a LBD. You can do wonders with the one piece dress by teaming it up with stuffs like jackets, scarves, belts and other accessories.
  • Neutral bag-The safest option to restrict yourself from buying way too many bags for every look is to buy a neutral shade bag. Buying different bags for every attire will be hard on budget so a neutral shaded bag bought using is a good one to go with. It will be better if the strap is adjustable and removable too as this makes it flexible for the teens to style it accordingly.
  • Ear studs-A pair of simple yet elegant ear studs is all that a teenager would need to glam up any kind of look. Choosing a stone studded or a crystal one will help the teenage girls to look stylish every single day.
  • Sneakers-Comfort is everything. A teenager is more likely to run, play and exercise more for which she would require a pair of sneakers. But the utility of the sneakers is not just restricted till here, but this is also considered as a fashion statement nowadays as this can be teamed up with any kind of indo-western attires.

Try these out and be the teen diva!

So, these are the easy solutions to look extravagantly in vogue but also in budget. Lazada Singapore offers on a variety of fashion products can interest a teen greatly in this regard. Do your friends need to know what’s your fashion secret? Well, let that remain a secret. Be the diva of your school and college and stun them with your fashionable looks every day.

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  1. Hello Heather, you have shared informative blog. All the tips are very important for teenagers. I will surely suggest my sister to follow these tips. Thanks for sharing such a useful blog. Keep sharing like this.

  2. This fashion impacts the business world and helps to keep the market values effective. It also provides employment of all sorts to the people interested in carving out fashionable trends.

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