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Tea Collection’s New Germany Line Clothing Review

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Tea Collection's New Germany Line Clothing Review
Tea Collection Goes to Germany

We recently had the pleasure of reviewing Tea Collection’s latest line of stylish and unique clothing inspired by Germany. This collection is unlike anything I have seen at the local clothing stores or online and I was so impressed with each and every selection. Choosing a single outfit for my son was incredibly difficult as I found everything so adorable and entirely his style! I was especially fond of the colors and designs on the clothing, they truly did a great job incorporating Germany into the clothing line.

 My son is a typical boy that loves nothing more than to play with cars, planes, trains and robots all day long. I just knew the Roboter Graphic Tee would be perfect for him, as a giant robot was displayed right on the front. This shirt comes in a harbor blue which is a stunning color and made my son’s blue eyes stand out even more. The cotton jersey fabric is simply amazing and perfect if you have a child such as mine that dislikes getting dressed (particularly when it comes to pulling a shirt over his head.) Not only is this a stretchy and comfortable fabric, but it is also very breathable and ideal for our hot Georgia weather. As you can tell from the image below, my son was ecstatic about this shirt and he loves wearing it.

My son is very independent when it comes to using the potty and wants to do it completely on his own. The only issue that he has been having with that is getting his shorts back on after, as they don’t make buttons and snaps easy for a three year old to use. I was so thrilled to see that Tea Collection offers Side Stripe Shorts that are not only comfortable, but contain an elastic waist band for easy pull up. My son no longer has to worry about buttons, zippers or snaps and can continue being the independent potty trainer that he so strives to be. These shorts also have very roomy pockets on each side and if you have a little boy then you already know how much boys love to collect and place little items in their pockets. This was actually the first thing my son uttered when putting the outfit on and he immediately placed a little matchbox car in his pocket.
Tea Collection's New Germany Line Clothing Review

Overall I was highly impressed with the designs and high quality of this outfit from Tea Collection’s new Germany line. Not only has is survived a very active and rugged three year old, but it’s also kept that gorgeous color and vibrancy, even after several times through the wash. I have had zero issues with the stitching coming undone or seems beginning to unravel, the quality sewing really shows! If you are looking for a unique, stylish and high quality collection of clothing for your child, I highly recommend you visit Tea Collection today!

Tea Collection's New Germany Line Clothing Review

Tea Collection's New Germany Line Clothing Review

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