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Jakks Pacific: Nintendo Toys & Sky Bouncer Review

A special thanks to JAKKS Pacific for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Jakks Pacific: Nintendo Toys & Sky Bouncer Review

About JAKKS Pacific

“JAKKS Pacific® is a leading toy and consumer products company with a diverse product portfolio and customer base. We focus on traditional products and play patterns, and incorporate classic and popular brands, as well as simple innovation and technology, to make them appealing to today’s sophisticated kids and consumers of all ages.”

Jakks Pacific: Nintendo Toys & Sky Bouncer Review“For the first time ever, build out the World of Nintendo with the Mario Brothers Universe Micro Land 3 Pack. Each pack contains three 2″x2″ tile pieces that feature fun accessories and interactive pieces. Includes one figure. Choose between Acorn Plains and Layer Cake Desert.”

Jakks Pacific: Nintendo Toys & Sky Bouncer Review“Sky Bouncer changes everything you ever thought of flying discs with its high bouncing technology. Not only does this fly through the air, penetrating air better than any other flying disc, you can bounce it off walls, you can bounce it off the floor. Try bouncing one while making another one fly. You can’t do that with a traditional flying disc. Bounces up to 25 feet. Sky Bouncer comes in bright translucent colors like Purple, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red and Green.  “


My Review

 The sky bouncer has become one of my three year old son’s favorite toys to play with… and mine as well! He just loves anything sports related and is always tossing me a ball or kicking one across the room to me. Sadly, I am less than coordinated when it comes to catching or tossing a ball and quite often find myself getting hit rather than actually catching the ball. My oldest daughter unfortunately inherited my inability to catch a ball and also spends a lot of time getting beamed with balls by her younger brother. I’m not even going to mention how horrible to two of us are when it comes to tossing a frisbee around the yard. What I absolutely love about the sky bouncer is that my son can finally play with a frisbee like toy without hurting his sister or myself! On the days that we are stuck in the house due to inclement weather, I can allow him to throw the sky bouncer around the playroom and off the walls without the worry of anything getting broken. He has such a great time hitting it off the wall and chasing after it once it bounces back across the room. This has truly been a fun and safe way for him to play indoors and out, while getting a good amount of exercise!

I remember playing the Mario games when I was a child, it was by far one of my favorite video games growing up. I was so ecstatic to see a collection of Mario toys and plush characters available and it brought back so many memories when watching my son play with them. The Mario Brothers Universe Micro Land is identical to the original game and my son had so much fun playing with it. The 7.5 Inch Nintendo Mario Plush is super soft, perfect for cuddling when your little one is ready for a nap or bedtime! You can also purchase Luigi, Yoshi and Princess Peach to complete your Mario collection. Overall I was very impressed with the Nintendo products and find it wonderful that my children can enjoy the same characters that ones brought smiles too my face!

Jakks Pacific: Nintendo Toys & Sky Bouncer Review

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