Taking a Break from Motherhood

Motherhood is probably the most undervalued career in the world. People have the notion that since full-time mothers get to stay at home, they get to do everything they want which is not entirely true. Staying at home does not mean laying around and relaxing all day.

Staying at home entails catering to the incessant demands from the kids, the unending cycle of chores and battling the most depressing thoughts.

What people fail to see is that being a mother is an uncompensated 24-hour, 7 days a week job with no sick leaves and no vacation leaves.

Although as a mother you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else rather than to be with your children and seeing them happy and well-tended is enough compensation for your hard work you would still get to a point where you would want to breathe a little.

Mothers are not robots. They too are prone to sickness and they too can wear out. In short, they too need to take a break once in a while.

It is advisable for mothers to have some me-time once a week or once a month at least.

Now if you’re a mother you probably would not know what to do once you do get that free time. So here are some tips for you:

Have a spa day

The everyday life of a mother involves unending chores and therefore can become very exhausting. So a day dedicated to pampering yourself would not only be relaxing but also therapeutic. Being tired does not only take a toll on your body but also on your mind too. The stress builds up, twisting like a knot inside you causing you to burn out. So do take the time to treat yourself to a nice spa and throw in a manicure and pedicure for a holistic relaxing experience.

Go out with friends

Isolation in any case can drive anyone crazy. So do make it a point to reconnect with the world no matter how busy you are. Take time to have dinner or lunch with your friends so that you would not feel suffocated. This way you would always be reminded that there is still a world out there so you cannot isolate yourself only in your own. Also, this would be the perfect time to vent out certain issues and get advices from the people you trust most.

Have lunch with your mother

This is probably the best remedy for all the stress your feeling. Everything is always better when you get to come home and tell your mother. As we become mothers ourselves we would later on realize that our mothers become our best friends. No one knows you better than your own mother and if there is one person that would understand what you are going through, it would

be the very person who raised you. As cliché as it may sound, most often than not, mothers really do know best.

Try something new

Now since almost everything is digital, you’ll be surprised to find out the things you can find in the internet. There are certain things than can keep you entertained and there are also those that provide you the much needed thrill in your monotonous daily life. There is now such a thing as an online casino. Now you know all the perks of a casino, only this one does not require you to leave the house. Just make sure you are gambling wisely and would be playing in legit gambling sites. Check out NoviBet for a list of the most reputable sites.

Don’t do anything

After all the tedious work, sometimes the best reward would be just a day with nothing to do. And most of the time this is all you need. A day to lay around and sleep is sometimes all the vacation a mother needs.

Although motherhood cannot be as permitting as a normal 9-5 job would be. At the end of the day no mother would ever complain about having to raise her kids. We would want nothing but to give the best to our children and that includes the very best of ourselves.

As mothers we would always want to deal with our children in the best manner possible but when stress gets the better of us we act in an irrational manner that is neither healthy for you and most definitely for your children. So it necessary that as a mother you take a break to recompose yourself.

And the best part of taking a break is the moment you go home to your children and back to that same old routine because you know it’s okay, you know it’s all worth it and you know you can do it.

Nothing beats the feeling you get from that moment when you open the door and everybody realizes that mommy’s home!

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