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GrabPoints Review

GrabPoints a rewards site. You may have heard about rewards sites while browsing through some of your favorite blogs – there seem to be tons of new rewards sites popping up all the time. GrabPoints is a bit different from those sites, because it has been around since 2014. To date, the site has millions of members.

GrabPoints also has a sister site – ZoomBucks. While this review won’t cover ZoomBucks, I think it’s a good sign that the company operates two sites. This tells us that GrabPoints isn’t a fly by night site.

How do You Use GrabPoints?

When you become a member of GrabPoints, you will have the opportunity to do certain tasks. There are three main types of tasks to do here: answer surveys, watch videos, and complete offers. Answering surveys seems to be the most common task on GrabPoints. Most of these tasks are pretty standard across most other rewards sites.

If you’re wondering why a site would pay you to do things which you most likely do on social media anyway, the answer is market research. Companies want to know what people think before introducing new products or services. The easiest way to do that is through surveys. Now, the world is a pretty big place, and one company can’t possibly distribute all those surveys on its own. So it hires a reward site (or rewards site) to distribute surveys to its members.

GrabPoints sends surveys to people who fit the appropriate demographic. For example, if there’s a survey about household or baby care items, you can bet the site will assign it to me. With that said, make sure you provide your complete information while signing up. This will enable GrabPoints to assign surveys that suit your personality and interests.

After completing one of those tasks, points will be credited to your account. The longer a task is, the more points you will earn. If you keep doing tasks (my favorite is watching videos – and I’ll explain why later in this review) you will eventually accumulate quite a number of points. When you’ve earned at least 3,000 points – which is worth $3 in real-world money – you can withdraw your earnings. I’ve checked other rewards sites, and a $3 minimum withdrawal is pretty low. Meaning you can withdraw your earnings more often, although I prefer to save my points for a bigger payout later on!

GrabPoints has tons of options when it comes to getting your earnings. There’s a cash option, which GrabPoints sends via PayPal. And then there are the gift card options. You do not require to pick one option over the other – it’s totally up to you.

What I Like About GrabPoints

There are four things I love about this site. First, are the gift card options. Put simply, GrabPoints has tons of them! Getting cash is always nice, but gift cards are really convenient to use. I used to think I was partial towards cash, but I found myself picking the gift card option more and more. The gift card option here is pretty vast. There are gift cards that suit a wide range of interests. If you’re into home improvement, you can get a gift card for shops like Staples or Home Depot. If you’re into gaming, you can get a card for the PlayStation Store or Google Play. I’ve been using GrabPoints for a while now, and I still haven’t picked all of the available gift card options!

The second thing I love about GrabPoints is that it simply pays more than other rewards site. The site has a graph comparing the amount of money you can make doing tasks on GrabPoints with how much you can earn doing the same tasks on other sites. GrabPoints pays more, period. Now, you won’t get rich answering surveys, but that’s okay. GrabPoints is good for making some extra pocket money, and the site doesn’t make outrageous claims about the amount of money you can earn. In fact, you’ll know a site is a scam if it makes crazy promises.

The third thing I love about GrabPoints is that the tasks are really easy to do while I’m out doing errands. For example, waiting in the checkout line is the perfect time to watch videos. With that option, I never feel like I’m wasting time.

And finally, I love the fact that GrabPoints processes payout requests really fast. It only takes 48 hours, from the time you make a payout request to the moment the reward appears in your email inbox. That’s super fast, especially when you look at other sites. What this does is give me flexibility. For example, if I need to buy supplies for my son on the weekend, I can make a payout request on Wednesday or Thursday, and feel confident knowing I’ll get my money on time. Because of this, GrabPoints gives me peace of mind.


GrabPoints is a legit rewards site. If you’re a frugal mommy like me, you’ll find this site extremely useful and fun to use!

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