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Summer Learning: Growing Tadpoles (Post 3)

In an attempt to keep my seven year old daughter learning during the summer break, we have decided to watch tadpoles grow into frogs!

We invite you to follow along with us as we learn about this amazing process known as metamorphosis.

Visit week one and week two to see how much the tadpoles have changed since we last posted!

So this isn’t technically the third week BUT we could not wait to show you that our tadpole is now a FROG!!!

How adorable is the little baby frog? We can’t get over how tiny it is!

It his been so amazing to be able to show my daughter this amazing transformation, I hope you have enjoyed following along!


One thought on “Summer Learning: Growing Tadpoles (Post 3)

  1. I remember when we were little we used to go to a pond down by the river that had lots of tadpoles of all sizes in it. We would be aloud to take one or two of them home and watch them grow in to a frog, it was fun and amazing for us to see.

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