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#Summer Learning: Growing Tadpoles (Week 1)

In an attempt to keep my seven year old daughter learning during the summer break, we have decided to watch tadpoles grow into frogs!

We invite you to follow along with us as we learn about this amazing process known as metamorphosis.

According to the research we have done, these tadpoles are around 70 days old. It is hard to see from the pictures, but they do have little legs beginning to grow. They are being kept in the original pond water that they came from, along with some added bottled water. The set up that they are in has aquarium air tank. We were instructed, by a pet store employee, to feed them aquarium flake food, which the tadpoles have been really enjoying.

We will be posting updates every week so you can enjoy watching our tadpoles turn into frogs!


4 thoughts on “#Summer Learning: Growing Tadpoles (Week 1)

  1. Very Cool! I didn’t know that you could get something like this at the Pet Store. It amazes me too!

    Thanks for the post’s!

  2. Oh my daughter would love these LOL! She is a bug-lover and will go after or pick up anything. ICK! LOL for mommy it’s a no but I do it for her 😀

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