Purple Pancakes For Breakfast

Why not add a little spice to your pancakes and mix some food coloring into the batter!?

Allow your children to decide on the color pancakes they want for breakfast.

Mine finally decided on some purple pancakes! My children could not believe they were eating purple pancakes and actually indulged in a bit more than they usually would (my children are very light eaters, so this was an exciting moment for me!)

Enjoy and please share with me which color pancakes your children chose!

2 thoughts on “Purple Pancakes For Breakfast

  1. I have added color to my pancakes since my kids were little in the ’70s. I have 5 kids and they each took turns choosing the color for Saturday pancakes. Also for syrup (sugar syrup) if we couldn’t afford “real” syrup from the store. Kids and I did many things like this as we didn’t have much money (I was a cocktail waitress. Kids dad chose not to pay child support.) It made food that I could afford lots more fun!

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