Small Things you can do to Make the World a Better Place

The world has gone seemingly completely bonkers recently, and it can be hard to see the good in people when every time you turn on the news there is a heartbreaking story or a political blunder being reported. It’s easy to talk about being the good you want to see in the world, but small changes are what make the world go around, as well as offering up a good opportunity to teach your children about charity, all while spending time with them.

Small Things you can do to Make the World a Better Place


It’s a myth that volunteering can take up every spare second that you have, and you can dedicate as much, or as little, time as you can to help where you can. Maybe you and your family could spend one night a month at the local soup kitchen? Or visiting care homes? There will be many opportunities to volunteer in your community!

Promote good causes

People only find out about good causes through word of mouth and goodwill of others. So, if there is a charity, event or cause you care deeply about, such as the No Birds Bash website, then shout about it from the rooftops and let people know. You can do this simply by resharing posts on your social media accounts.

Foster an animal

This can be one of the most rewarding things you can do as a family. If you have the ability to foster, you will be able to give pets a home and love so that they are not living in a cage in rescue centers, before they find their forever home. Of course, it will be heartbreaking every time an animal moves on, but you will be giving a furry little friend some love while they find their perfect owners.

Donate your clothes

As a family, you will go through mountains of clothing throughout your lifetime. There are loads of places within your community where you will be able to donate clothes, and some even arrange a delivery service, so you won’t have lug bags full of clothes into town. Donate them to a homeless shelter, charity shops or clothing banks.

Give blood

Giving blood is one of the ways in which you can make a difference almost instantly. The blood you give could actually save the life of someone – how rewarding is that? It’s also a simple process and doesn’t take too much time out of your day (and you get tea and biscuits at the end!)

Purchase in places you support

Everywhere you buy something, you are supporting a company of some sort. You either choose to support a huge conglomerate business which exploit people, the environment, and animals, or you can choose to source your food and clothing from ethically sound companies in your area. Not only will this keep your money local and support local business, but you will doing your part to save the world, just a little bit at a time. You can do this by buying meat from a local butchers rather than the supermarket, getting your vegetables from a farm shop and presents from local artists.

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