Let’s Celebrate National Mobility Awareness Month

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Let's Celebrate National Mobility Awareness Month

When I was growing up my mother worked in a group home in our neighborhood that housed several people with mental and physical disabilities. Because it was such a friendly and loving environment, I spent many days there with my mom. My mother was so open about explaining their disabilities to me, their physical disadvantages and the reason the home was designed the way it was. During that time I became very familiar with how the modern world (during that time) was not quite mobile friendly for those in wheelchairs. I would recognize these issues whenever I would accompany my mom when she would bring people from the group home to a simple place, such as a restaurant. I learned at a very young age just how much people take their mobile freedom for advantage. I have seen many changes and improvements over the years and am thrilled to discover that there is an entire month dedicated to recognizing those with physical disabilities. May is National Mobility Awareness Month and During this amazing promotion, people with disabilities are encouraged to embody the spirit of Life Moving Forward by raising awareness of the many life-changing mobility vehicle solutions available today.

Let's Celebrate National Mobility Awareness Month

Something else exciting that I would like to share with you is a company called The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA.) They are mobility advocates dedicated to changing the lives of those living with disabilities by providing access to quality handicap accessible vehicles and adaptive equipment. Whether you are living with a disability or have dedicated your time to helping someone who is, they want to hear your stories of perseverance and strength. Starting April 12, tell them what makes you, or your loved one, a Local Hero for a chance to win a wheelchair accessible vehicle. They will generously be giving away three wheelchair accessible vehicles: one to a caregiver, one to a senior (60+), and one in the general category.

Let's Celebrate National Mobility Awareness Month

If you are in the market for a wheelchair accessible vehicle, I encourage you to read on. NMEDA is your best source for wheelchair accessible vehicles and mobility equipment. They understand that wheelchair accessible vehicles and mobility equipment allow those with disabilities to take back their independence. The NMEDA difference starts with their Quality Assurance Program (QAP). The NMEDA QAP program guarantees you a personal Accredited Dealer, so no matter your mobility challenge, you are receiving the expert attention you deserve. NMEDA mobility equipment dealers offer wheelchair ramps, hand controls and steering aids, transfer seats and seating solutions, wheelchair securement and tie downs, scooter lifts and special acceleration and braking solutions for adaptive vehicles. The dealerships located in the US and Canada have NMEDA QAP accredited technicians that are working hard to make sure each vehicle provides safety and comfort.

Benefits of working with a NMEDA QAP dealer


  • In-person evaluations
  • Specialized training of equipment
  • 24-hour local emergency roadside services
  • The comfort of knowing that your mobility challenged loved one has support and reliable safety

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