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Small Household Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Household repair bills always come at the wrong time. They either arrive just after Christmas or before a holiday. Just when your bank balance is depleted. However, rather than paying costly bills, consider tackling the following problems yourself.

Small Household Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Blocked Toilet

A blocked toilet is not something you can put on hold. But before you call the plumber, try to unblock it yourself. First, try a toilet plunger. This is a little different to a sink plunger but is readily available from the  hardware store. Make sure there is enough water in the toilet bowl to cover the plunger. Now plunge six to eight times. This should do the trick and clear most blockages.

If the plunger doesn’t work, try an auger. Insert the end of the auger into the toilet. Then turn the handle and to snake the toilet. You should notice the blockage begin to clear. Try flushing the toilet. You many need to repeat this a couple of times.

Digital Camera

You’ve bought an expensive digital camera but it’s been stuck in a drawer for the last six months. The images don’t seem to be taking properly, and you can’t transfer them to the PC. You have an event coming up in a couple of weeks, and your phone camera isn’t going to cut it. Rather than taking it to the repair shop, consider fixing it yourself. Go the through the the manual and follow the instructions. If you no longer have the service repair manual, you should be able to find this online. Usually, going through the prompts is all it takes to sort out the problem. The manual may also provide a helpline number.

Repairing Small Holes In The Wall

You’re about to move out of your rented house. You’ve already paid up-front removal costs and the deposit on the next place. You’re completely maxed out and it’s important that you get your deposit back on this place. When you take down your pictures you notice the wall is full of holes from nails and screws. Rather than calling in a handyman, there is a simple solution. Using a flat knife apply some spackle over the holes. Now wait for it to dry. Once it is dry lightly sand over the spackle with sandpaper. This will provide an even surface. Depending on the color, you may need to apply a coat of paint.

Squeaky Door Hinges

There’s a very simple solution for fixing squeaky door hinges. In most cases you don’t need to rehang the door or replaces the hinges. Spray on a little WD40. Move the door back and forth to distribute the oil. And it’s as simple as that. No more squeaks. If you don’t have WD40, petroleum jelly may also work.

Peeling Wallpaper

Peeling wallpaper seems like a simple fix but it can be quite tricky. You don’t want to bend the paper and create a visible crease. Nor do you want to tear it. All you need is a sheet of notepaper and some wallpaper paste. Apply the paste to one side of the notepaper. Then slide the paper against the back of the peeling wallpaper to coat it. Now slide it out and rub out any air bubbles. No more peeling paper.

Before calling in the experts, check to see whether it’s something you can fix quickly and simply. Use common sense, of course. Don’t tackle bigger jobs that you could make worse. And always keep safety in mind. But for the small jobs, there’s often a simple, inexpensive solution.

3 thoughts on “Small Household Repairs You Can Do Yourself

  1. Heather, the block toilet repair tip is very useful. As a former Master Property Manager, I would also suggest unblocking the kitchen garage disposal turning an allen wrench in the small hole in the bottom of the disposal or even using a broom handle stuck down the drain (not your hand!). Changing furnace filters is another favorite. But my best tip is to do your own exterminating. You can usually spray around the outside of the house and around in opening to the outside and save some money.

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