The Five Best Cheap Holiday Destinations

What if saving for your vacation was not a burden throughout the year? What if you did not have to purchase the off-brand crackers, or settle for the cheap champagne instead of Laurent Perrier Vintage Magnum that you really want, because you need to set aside money for a small cup of coffee in Rome? What if you did not have to spend every penny to your name to be able to do everything you would like to do while on holiday?

Saving for your one or two weeks in the sun does not need to be a huge financial burden. Instead of booking flights to Barcelona, San Francisco or Paris, why not explore other parts of the world which are a lot less expensive, and every bit as beautiful.

Below is a list of five cheap, but brilliant, holiday destinations for you to enjoy your summer in without worrying about finances.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Five Best Cheap Holiday Destinations

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Or would just love to go somewhere sunny with marvelous views and architecture? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Dubrovnik is the place for you. The town is wrapped in the vast blue Adriatic sea, and laden with nightlife, shops and delectable restaurants. A true paradise on earth that can be enjoyed for a shockingly small monetary outlay.

Budapest, Hungary

The Five Best Cheap Holiday Destinations

Budapest is one of Europe’s most culturally abundant and beautiful cities, and can be visited and enjoyed on a very tight budget. The Hungarian capital is one of Europe’s few cities where five or 10 tips to avoid holiday overspending are not needed. The parliament buildings, the thermal baths and the astounding Széchenyi Chain Bridge are some of the continents most impressive architectural feats, and can be all found in the city.

Prague, Czech Republic

The Five Best Cheap Holiday Destinations

Yet another wonderful European city that is wondrously beautiful, and also wondrously cheap. The Czech Republic capital is a go-to city for both sightseeing and nightlife. It is a haven for stag nights, but it is also a wholly family friendly city with various historically significant bridges and buildings. As well as being a cheap place to stay, it is also an extremely easy city to navigate on foot.


The Five Best Cheap Holiday Destinations

A country known more for its war torn past, Vietnam has become one of the world’s must see countries in recent years. This is largely due to how breath-taking the country’s untarnished natural scenery is. From Halong Bay to the sprawling waters of Hạ Long, the country is truly one of the most shockingly captivating in the world.


The Five Best Cheap Holiday Destinations

Traveling to Cuba is like traveling through the space-time continuum and going way back to the late 1950s. The 1950s styled taxi cabs; the countless pastel shades of every building on every street; and the markets like the Varadero Street Market, make Cuba a sensory sanctuary. Cuba is the perfect mix of buzzing cities awash with culture, and relaxing beaches awash with sunshine. A traveler’s paradise.

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