Six Things That Make Your House a Home for Your New Yorkie Pup

While cruising online ads for yorkie puppies for sale it’s easy to get ahead of yourself and plan for the future when your little dog is home and accompanies you everywhere. But as most seasoned dog owners know, new puppies can be a lot of work and cause unpredictable levels of stress in your home. Some of the most stressful moments you will have once you bring your new yorkie puppy home are easily avoided with careful advanced planning. Today, our team has done the forward thinking for you and compiled this list of the top six things you need to have on hand when your little bundle of furry love comes home for good.

1. Identification

One of the most important accessories you will ever purchase your pup is a good quality collar – one that does not slip off easily, and has a clear way to display information. This is important in case you are separated from your dog in public, or on the off chance your puppy escapes out the front door one morning while you’re picking up the newspaper; but also, because in the event of an emergency, that information can be vital for first responders. So include whatever mandatory tags your local area requires, but also contact information for yourself and a backup contact.

2. Access to Food and Water

The second-most important thing you can provide your precious pup is a safe means of obtaining fresh food and water. For yorkie pups in particular, this can be an obstacle due to their diminutive stature. Seek out a set of bowls that is quite shallow to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your pup’s neck. Then, as your puppy grows you can transition them to larger/deeper dishes as appropriate.

3. Food

While we’re at it, be sure you have purchased at least a small amount of suitable food. Discuss your pup’s current diet with the breeder or rescue program you’re collecting your yorkie from so you can copy that for the initial homecoming period. Over time, it’s fine to transition your puppy to a diet that suits your budget and lifestyle, so long as you have consulted your vet and make the transition gradual to make sure your puppy does not experience a dietary shock.

4. Safe Sleeping Area

Your puppy needs its own refuge, so create one in the crate you’ll be advised to purchase by virtually any reputable dog trainer. Choose a kennel large enough for your puppy to stand up comfortably, and turn around inside of, but don’t opt for a big kennel or your pup may be put off by the vacant feel.

5. Grooming

Part of the appeal of yorkies for some is the ability to style their hair. For others this is a thankless chore. Whichever camp you fall into, you’ll need to have an appropriate brush and comb for your puppy, and likely require a ponytail holder or bow (or two). You’ll want to pick up an appropriate shampoo and a nice, fluffy towel to wash your pup when the need arises. You could also purchase a puppy-friendly toothbrush.

6. Potty Training Pads

While the jury may be out on what the most effective means of training your yorkie pup to do their business outdoors might be, you’ll definitely want a way to keep whatever accidents happen inside your home contained. Many trainers recommend reusable potty-training mats because they’re more durable than their disposable counterparts, and will stand up to the challenges of puppy life better.

As your relationship with your yorkie puppy grows, so will your understanding of exactly what the puppy needs to thrive as part of your family. Hopefully these six key elements being present from the moment your pup arrives home will help ease the transition into a long, happy life for your newest family member.\

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