Pros and Cons of Rushing Into Spring & Summer

Pros and Cons of Rushing Into Spring & Summer

Around this time of year, they begin to appear. They sprout from the internet and magazines the same way the green shoots of crocuses begin to creep across lawns the country over. The tips; the advice; pernicious in their determination to warn you: get ready for spring! Get ready for summer!

They sound the alarm like a warning. As if, as if it has not happened every year of your adult life, the seasons are changing and they might pass you by. It’s more than a little patronizing, this assumption that without due warning you would go out into a spring day still wearing your gloves and snow boots.

Given the high amount of such advice, there has to be some reason behind it. Why does this advice begin to spread through every facet of life? Is it necessary to ‘get ready,’ or can you largely assume you can slouch into the new season the way you did for the multitude of seasons past?

YES to ‘Getting Ready.’

There’s nothing wrong with being prepared, is there? Winter has a tendency to sap energy, make you feel lethargic and lose focus. It even has the capability to cause depression, if you suffer from SAD. So what’s wrong with focusing on the fact the bright days are coming again?

And with that in mind, sometimes you do need a jolt to get ready. You do need to think about the mistakes of last summer and set about rectifying them. So there’s no harm in being reminded, is there?

NO to ‘Getting Ready.’

You’re not a child. You don’t need flashcard reminders that the sun will rise tomorrow or that water is wet, so why do you almost need notifications of the fact the seasons change? You studied this at school, and you’ve managed to remember it now.

Just because last summer had a few quibbles didn’t stop it from being great. It didn’t stop you from spreading your wings, luxuriating in the heat, warmth and long days that felt they would never end. You’re not going to forget that’s happening any time soon.

YES to ‘Getting Ready.’

Okay, let’s say you leave it. You get to June and realize that, like the rest of the population, you fancy cooking outdoors. It’s the ultimate, isn’t it?

The only problem is that everyone else is having the same idea. Stock begins to run low in stores, and the prices go up, thanks to the eternal rules of supply and demand. Hurried, you find yourself worrying less about locating some of the best electric smokers available and just finding anything that you can cook food on. A pile of bricks with some charcoal between them begins to look attractive to you.

The point being, you might not fancy ‘getting ready for spring and summer’ – but other people will. And they’re going to be the ones with the right equipment, at the right time, at the right price. Worth keeping in mind.

NO to ‘Getting Ready.’

It’s still winter. Depending on your part of the the world, that still means that you are still dealing with winter things. You don’t have the time, effort or inclination to start thinking about the onset of a season that might be several months off yet.

Besides, it’s a bit miserable, isn’t it? Remembering summer, the tantalizing promise of the weather and activities to come… and then glancing outside into what you’re currently living in. Looks like rain again; maybe snow – thinking of summer right now is almost like being teased.

YES to ‘Getting Ready.’

It’s a nice distraction to get ready, though, isn’t it? It drags you through the remaining dark days of winter, gives you hope, something to actively look forward to.

Some things do need to be preplanned. Let’s say you want to go on holiday this summer; now is the time to book. If you don’t, you could find yourself struggling with availability – not to mention the price rises. This is a continual threat if you don’t want to think about summer now. So why not ignore what’s happening outside of your window and focus instead on your dream destination and how to get yourself there?

NO to ‘Getting Ready.’

Okay, so… maybe all of these recommendations happen for a reason. Realistically, if you want to fight back and ignore the prospect of winter then you’re going to be the one who ultimately suffers for it. So shrug off the winter blues and start making changes now – because it’ll be sunshine and blue skies before you know it.

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