Sergeant’s Calming Cat Collar

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Sergeant's Calming Cat Collar Review

Sergeant’s Calming Collar for Cat’s is a safe and effective way to help your cat with destructive behavior that results from stressful situations. We have had our cat, Tiger, for over nine years and there are two types of behaviors that have always been an issue. Scratching carpets and marking small rugs (such as bath mats) are behaviors I have never been able to fully break her of. My cat is infamous for destroying all of the rugs I have ever put in the kitchen or bathroom. I have always made sure to keep her litter box clean and fresh to avoid the marking on my bathroom carpet, but ultimately just ended up going without them because I couldn’t get her to stop. I am not quite sure what goes on in our house to make her do two these two things, it may just be that she is getting older and having crazy kids romping around the house is starting to be too much. So when I was presented with a safe way to go about eliminating these behaviors, I could not wait to see what the product was all about!

Sergeant's Calming Cat Collar Review #CalmingCollar

Upon removing the collar from the package, I could immediately smell the wonderful aroma of lavender chamomile. The collar is coated in a thick powder like substance and has a simple latching system. The collar is also made to easily break away in case your curious four legged friend accidentally gets themselves stuck on something. As you can see, our cat is quite petite, and there was a good amount of extra collar once we put it on her. However, the collar was very easy to trim with scissors in order to make it a comfortable fit for our cat. She did not seem to mind it at all and wasn’t bothered by it in any way. Over the next week I noticed a huge decline in her scratching, even with her scratching post. Typically she is scratching on her post at least four times a day, and I have literally only seen her use it three times during the entire week! I also decided to put a small rug back in my daughter’s room, one that our cat would not stop marking or scratching. It has been a week and a half now and she has yet to mark it or scratch it up. Overall I was really surprised by how effective the collar was when it came to helping our cat scratch excessively. This is such a safe and inexpensive way to avoid this behavior and well worth the monthly investment when I factor in the amount of rugs I have had to replace over the years. I would highly recommend this products to cat owners seeking a safe way to help their pet with stress related behavior.

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