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Saving For School

Saving For SchoolDepending on where you are based, summer break may well be underway – or at the very least, it’s on the horizon. Like your kids, you might be looking forward to the long weeks ahead where you don’t have to think of the school run, politics at the school gate, or washing and ironing school uniforms more than you ever thought fabric could withstand.

So… the last thing you want to hear is that you should start prepping for the next school term, right?

Okay, don’t run away! It’s a point that needs making, and promise, this might make everything easier for you in the weeks to come. This is especially true if you pride yourself on being frugal, because the foremost reason you need to start prepping for fall right now is money.

The moment we get into back to school season (which tends to be August onwards), the prices on the most basic of school supplies have a tendency to shoot up. Supply and demand, and all that. If you don’t want to spend artificially inflated prices, now is the time when you should look to buy everything your children need for the term ahead. What’s more, there are a few extra ways that you can look to save yourself some cash for the school year ahead – amounts significant enough to make going through this process now worth it!

Uniformly Expensive

If your children go to a school with a uniform, then it’s going to be expensive. School uniforms just are – and that’s far from their the only issue with uniforms. Nevertheless, they are a necessary evil.

By far, the best method of saving cash on uniforms is to look for pre-used items. A good wash and no one will ever be any the wiser. Facebook is probably the best place to find deals, especially those listed by parents whose children are leaving the school and are willing to sell for a low price.

Food For Thought

If your kids get school meals provided, then there’s probably not much you can do to lower the cost. It’s set by the school; you’ve no choice.

One option that can lower your expenses, however, is to prepare their meals instead. It might be a bit less convenient, but it’ll save you money in the long run. For containers, rather than cheap plastic options that will dent the moment they are used, try the likes of Thermo Boutique lunch boxes for kids which will see them through many years of school days. You also have the whole summer to learn to cook cheap and easy meals that can be taken to school!

Don’t Be Stationary In Picking Up Stationery

Stationery is an area of particular concern when it comes to prices rocketing up in the last few weeks before school resumes. Now is the best time to buy, as many stores are clearing their existing stock in anticipation of the new arrivals. Look for basics such as notebooks and pens now, then delay the more on-trend purchases (such as a pencil case) for the new arrivals. Or if you’re lucky enough to have children who don’t care about trends, then buy in bulk now and save yourself a small fortune.

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