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Saving as Mental Health Therapy – 20 Ways to Save Money That Will Make You Happier

Saving as Mental Health Therapy - 20 Ways to Save Money That Will Make You HappierSaving money is something that we all would like to do, but it is easier said than done. We get our paycheck, we pay some bills, we go out a few nights with friends and then the bank account is empty yet again. We are left feeling powerless and that all too familiar feeling of anxiety surfaces. What if there is an emergency? It is always wise to have a cushion to lean on in times of need. Having an amount saved and put away may actually be beneficial for your mental health in the long run. Eliminating stress factors in our lives is something we all strive for. Here are reasons why you should try to avoid having money issues. Saving money will greatly benefit your overall health, but mostly your mental health.

 Saving Reduces Anxiety

The fewer worries you have in your life, the less chance that dreadful anxiety gets to creep up on you. Simply said, no money problems mean no stress about paying the bills, the rent, or the cool new shoes you’ve been eyeing.

 Marriage Saver

It is a very well-known fact that money is one of the top divorce instigators among couples. The arguments that arise from lacking funds to pay for essentials or maybe even one partner spending more than he/she should, could effectively result in marital problems. Going through arguments and possibly separation is a sure-fire way to make you very stressed and less happy.

 You Sleep Better

Restful sleep means healthier and more productive days. When you get a good night’s sleep, you will have more energy for the day ahead. If you are awake for several hours in the middle of the night worrying about money and how you are going to pay the telephone bill, then there is a good chance that you will be sleepy and seek a nap the next day making you unproductive and possibly in a position to lose money.

When you tackle the task of saving with a positive attitude and concrete goals in mind, it may make it simpler for you to respect your plan. Here are 20 ways that saving money may actually make you happier.

 1-Eat at home

Try to cook at home as much as possible. Eating out in restaurants can really eat up your food budget. Making your own food can be meditative and actually enjoyable. You reap the benefits of your own labor and it tastes so much better because You made it. Bon appétit!

 2-Spend Time at Home with Your Family

Minimize the social events outside of your home and cut back on the movie theater nights. Schedule evening with your family to stay home and play games together or watch a movie. Spending quality time with the people you care about has a beneficial impact on your health and happiness.

 3-TV Off

Cutting back on the TV hours will make you examine other ways of entertaining yourself. You may find that you will want to create something and being creative is always a good way to make you feel accomplished and proud.

 4-Make Gifts

Instead of heading to the store to get a generic gift for your upcoming mom’s birthday, why not make something yourself? We always appreciate when we receive a gift that has been well thought out and planned and it also makes us feel special. Making someone feel special is a sure-fire way to give you good feelings yourself.

 5-Cancel Cable

Watching TV, in general, is a mind-numbing activity and your cable provider probably has pointless shows that are not making you feel good about life in general. When you put your thoughts into more productive and positive ones, your mood and mental health improve drastically.

 6-Make Your Own Wine

This one may require a little more research and the purchasing of certain supplies, that will probably pay off in the long run. If you love your occasional glass of wine, why not make it yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Cheers!

 7-Eat Less Meat

Cutting back on your meat consumption will benefit the planet and your pocketbook. Look for recipes that require local fresh ingredients that you can purchase at lower cost and you’ll actually realize that some vegetarian dishes are quite flavorful and filling. You’ll feel good knowing that you are doing your part for the environment and also saving lives.

 8-Buy Used Books – Read

Reading is said to activate brain cells that in turn have an overall positive effect on your well-being. Find your local used book stores and spend time choosing your next papered adventure, mystery novel, or biography.

 9-DIY Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning your house is not an option. You need supplies to make sure that your house is clean and healthy for your family. Do a little research and learn how to make your own cleaning supplies, this will cut the budget exponentially for these products that are usually quite pricey. In return, you will know what you are cleaning your house with and you can rest assured that you are not putting harmful chemicals into your family home.

 10-Consolidate Loans

Putting all your loans in a single payment will lessen the worries and make you sleep better at night. Not having to worry if a certain payment has gone through your account can be a source of stress. Diminish the stress, increase the happiness.


Carpooling can actually be fun and socially good for you. If you live alone and don’t socialize a lot, this could be your way of having positive conversations with people. It is very well documented that we are social beings and that loneliness instills anxiety and negative mental health.


Planting your own vegetables and herbs will benefit your wallet and also your well-being. Putting your hands on the earth has a soothing effect that many say is therapeutic.

 13-Fix Things Yourself

When things are broken in your home, look into fixing them yourself. You will not only save money on professionals, but you will get a feeling of satisfaction that comes with achieving something yourself.

 14-Buy Generic

Often times, the generic brands are a lot cheaper than the popular brand names. Ask your pharmacist if you can exchange to a generic brand. The excess that you pay on the well-known brands usually goes directly to marketing. Do you really want to pay for a company’s marketing that you probably find annoying anyway?

 15-Declutter Your Home

Ridding your house of excess things that you no longer use will give you the opportunity to possibly make a few bucks, but it will also make you feel better in your home. Implementing a few feng shui methods in your home or office will increase your overall happiness.

 16-Organize Clothing Swaps

Go through your closet and remove anything that you don’t wear anymore, anything that doesn’t fit, anything that you no longer like. Your “old” stuff will be someone else’s “new” and vice versa. Also, having friends get together is always a good way to boost your moral.

 17-Turn Off Lights

Turning off the lights will definitely make you save on the power bill, but it will also create a romantic feeling in your home and who doesn’t like more snuggle time with their partner.

 18-Host a Get Together at Home

We are social beings and spending time with our friends is important to our general well being. Instead of heading out to a restaurant for someone’s birthday, host a get-together and make it a potluck.

 19-Drink Water

Avoiding the sugary drinks will have a huge impact on your health and your wallet. The sugar high that you get when drinking a soda quickly fades leaving you with a sugar low and sometimes a headache.

 20-Vacation in Off Season

Vacationing in off-season will definitely save you a lot of money, sometimes the costs of airfare and hotels are half what they are in high season. By traveling in low season, you will not have to deal with crowds and long lineups in the rides. Waiting in line and dealing with huge crowds is not in our book of fun things to do.

 All these things are quite easily achievable. By applying only a few of these into your daily life will most likely have positive impacts on your health and mental well-being.

 Happy and healthy savings!

Andrea Boffo is CEO of PlusVoucherCode, a website that provides discount codes to save money on online purchases.


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