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Restyle Your House on a Budget

Restyle Your House on a BudgetAre you getting tired of everything being the same at home? Looking to shake things up around the house? Well have you thought about restyling your house?

 I know from the offset that restyling your house seems like a big & costly task, but it doesn’t have to be, there are plenty of thing you can get done quickly and cheaply to revamp your house a little bit to throw a bit of variety into your life!

 Put some life in the living room

Your living room is one of the most important rooms to get right, it’s where the family will be together the most and as such it has to please everybody.

 With the living room we recommend that you keep things simple to keep the costs in check, if your sofa’s are getting a bit rough around the edges and are starting to look old rather than investing in a new sofa why not get some blankets to put over your sofa and make it look new?

 Again staying simple rather than painting the whole room why not think about a feature colour wall a different color to the rest of the room to make your room look bigger, this will be as effective as repainting but only requires ¼ of the work!

 The final touches we recommend would be to maybe get a new coffee table or a new TV stand to mix things up a bit and you’ll have a great looking room!

 Mix it up in the kitchen

The kitchen will be a lot easier to revamp than the living room because of the amount of function everything has it would be hard to change everything.

 The first thing we can recommend would be a fresh lick of pain on the walls to brighten up the kitchen and make it look cleaner and more fresh. Bright colors will make the kitchen look larger but be aware that light colors will be easier to stain in a kitchen so maybe a neutral color may be best.

 Our next recommendation is more paint! Why would you need to swap out your drawers & cupboards in the kitchen when you can simply paint them to match your style instead? Doing this will save you a pretty penny while making it look like you’ve had new cupboards installed.

 Quick additions: in the kitchen there’s plenty you can do quickly and for minimal effort! You can get a kitchen splashback for your oven from somewhere like Simply Plastics, get a canvas poster hanging up or maybe just add a few shelves to the wall, anything just to get everything looking new!

 Freshen up the bathroom

 The bathroom is the easiest or hardest bathroom to restyle, depending on how you look at it. You can either get a completely new bathroom or take a few steps to make it look new!

Obviously in line with the title we’re looking at the latter option with a few quick things to make your bathroom look new!

  • Get a new bathmat collection, a new bath mat and towels hanging from the radiator will give the bathroom a fresh feel right away, we recommend having them bright to stick out and draw attention to them!
  • A new mirror can work wonders in a bathroom, not only will a large mirror above the sink make your bathroom look larger it will also create a new feel once you’ve cleaned the bathroom.
  • A good old deep clean can work wonders! When revamping your bathroom the most important thing is cleaning, just a couple hours getting your clean on can make your bathroom look newer just like that!

We hope this guide has helped you work out how to revamp your house without breaking the bank, there are also some great side income opportunities to help you earn money towards your hoe renovation ideas!

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