Parents, You Need To Protect Your Family

Parents, You Need To Protect Your FamilyWhen you become a parent, your life starts to center around your children – as it should. Every thought, every intention and every decision you make that you would have made at the drop of a hat now needs careful thought. When you want to buy a new house and move area, you have to consider switching schools, switching doctors and settling the children into a new place. It’s not just about you and your partner anymore, and while this is something you planned for and something you wanted, it doesn’t make it any easier.

Having children makes parents realize their own mortality. One moment you’re a carefree individual with nothing but lazy Saturdays and the future ahead of you. The next moment, you are measuring your time in milestones and birthdays that your children will have to hit. These milestones – school semester start times and first steps – make life seem like it’s going an awful lot faster! This can make you realize how short life actually is, how little time you actually have before the children get to their teenage years and you start broaching your forties or even fifties. Before you’ve even had your children, you may not have considered all the sensibilities and once a baby arrives, that mortal coil seems a lot shorter than it used to be!

No one likes to talk about making a Will and insurances. No one likes to discuss what would happen in the event of an accident or a sudden death in the family. These things are those sensibilities we mentioned earlier. As a parent, you’re forced to be sensible and so decisions on which health insurance you should get, when you should sit with a lawyer and make a Will and even whether you should be signing advanced directives in hospital with your spouse are all decisions you have to make. With the whole of your life as a family looming ahead of you, you need to sit down and decide on these things. So, what we’ve done for you is break down what official documents you will need as a family and hopefully you can be more secure in your future together.

Health Insurance.

As a family, you will need to have a level of healthcare in place to support you and protect you against those really big medical bills that creep up when you least expect it. No one plans for a child to break a leg, or for a father to develop cancer. The large medical bills that would be too much to handle without insurance and that cover long-term hospital stays can be difficult to handle. Nearly every single person will need insurance at some point in their lives and protecting yourself and your family without having to sell your home to pay the bill is important. Before you get any health insurance, make sure you compare coverage so that you can get a good deal on your health insurance. While there is no cost that can be put on your health, it’s a necessary consideration. Even those in good health need to consider high-deductible plans that only cover the big bills. Set up a separate savings account for out of pocket health care appointments if you must, but get the coverage you need as a family.

Life Insurance.

When you are living pay check to pay check, finding the money for insurances of different levels can be difficult. Using companies like to find the right life insurance option for you can help. Life insurance protects your family financially should something happen to you. It can mean the difference between being able to continue paying the mortgage and school fees. It can mean affording a funeral and not having to worry about heading to work while trying to grieve. Working parents absolutely need to ensure they have life insurance in place, as it can replace the lost income until you’re back on your feet and can find work again. It can also be used to pay debts that the person who has passed away has had. It can really remove a financial burden and at a time of grief, can provide a lifeline. You can decide between term life insurance or permanent life insurance (both which you can compare here) and in the majority of cases, term life insurance is the only one you’ll ever need.

Liability Insurance.

It’s one that most people associate with businesses, but having liability insurance can mean that damages get paid if you accidentally injure someone or clip your car on their property. It can be from driving, but if someone does something as simple as slipping over in the driveway it could cause you headaches. This is where liability insurance comes in to play and can cover you and protect you from being sued. It’s usually part of your homeowner’s policy or auto policy, and you can even buy an umbrella policy for your coverage. If you have a higher income, you are generally more at risk of a lawsuit if someone hurts themselves on your property. It is an inexpensive insurance but one that could save you an enormous amount of money.


Most people have heard of a Will, and understand that it is a legal document that dictates what you want to happen to your belongings after you die. This includes bank accounts, cash, real estate and cars as well as furniture and small things. For parents everywhere, making a Will is vital for ensuring your child is well cared for after you die. You can designate a person to take your children if you die before they become of age. If you die without making a Will, there is no guarantee where your money, belongings and even your children will go after you die. You are protecting all of your things by ensuring you make a Will including your children. You can use a lawyer to help you draft a Will document but you don’t necessarily need one. It may be an expense but it’s one you should be willing to make – your Will can make a difference to your entire future and what happens after that future ends. You have to date and sign your Will and ensure it is computer generated. While handwritten Wills are still accepted in some states, it’s much easier to keep it official.

The documents you need for the future of your family are sometimes expensive – especially insurances. But if you shop around and research what will work for your family, you can make sure that you aren’t paying through the nose for insurance. There are some who find themselves in a position where they cannot afford healthcare, and therefore won’t go to the doctor when they need it. You should, where possible, avoid being in this position. Having coverage, especially as a family, is important. It’s hard enough to have a loved one in hospital, never mind being hit with huge medical bills once they come out again.

Making these decisions for your family is not easy. Unfortunately, we live in a world where protecting ourselves and our children are necessary to ensure that everyone is secure. Security matters far more when you are a parent, and protecting your children should be the first thing you think about. Don’t wait around for something to go wrong – while it may feel it, you’re not invincible. Cover your family today and be secure in the future of your children.

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