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Read This Before You Upgrade Your Attic

Read This Before You Upgrade Your Attic

We all know that there are certain things we can do to make our homes more comfortable, or things we can do to raise the value of them. Often, these two things are also one and the same. But many people shy away from working on their homes for a number of different reasons. Usually, expense is the biggest obstacle that prevents people from creating their dream homes. But it is important to bear in mind that if you are planning on selling your home eventually, investing in it now could mean you walk away with a lot more money than you bought it for. Another reason is that many of us believe home renovation can be a lot of effort – and while this can be true, if you have the right people at hand who know what they are doing, there’s no reason why the whole project shouldn’t run smoothly. One basic home renovation that many families undertake is the attic conversion. If you need some extra room or just need to raise the value of your home, here are some things to remember when embarking on an attic transformation.


Usually, planning permission isn’t required for an attic conversion project, as it is regarded as a permitted development. This is partially what makes it such a popular home improvement for many families, as you don’t need to bother with your local council and loads of paperwork. But if you are planning on extending the area at all, or perhaps putting in new windows/changing the shape of the roof, you may need to speak with your local planning committee.


If your ideas are then approved, you will need to decide how you are going to tackle such a project. Converting existing space usually isn’t too much of an issue for most people, although a basic to intermediate level grasp of DIY is desirable. This is because even though these kind of conversations are not particularly invasive, they still can be fraught with danger. For example, it is very easy to simply put your foot through the insulation and fall straight through to the floor. Therefore, proper safety precautions need be be in place at all times. Before you start any work you may also want to make use of some attic cleaning services. Attics are notoriously dirty places, that have usually been gathering dust for months or even years. When you start working in there, this dust can get blown about and circulated, easily finding its way down to the rest of your home. You might also have some local pests and creatures living in your attic that you need to get rid of as soon as possible! Clear your attic out and get it cleaned before you start work, so you have a blank canvas to work with.

Read This Before You Upgrade Your Attic


Once the build is how you like it, you will need to hone in on what kind of room you want it to be. Typically, attic rooms make good bedrooms, especially if you have a teenage child who would require a little more privacy. But equally, they also serve well as guest suites, or even as a games room/home cinema room. Not having enough space in the home is one of the biggest vices for the modern homeowner, so it really does make sense to convert any attic space you do have.

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