Nurture Your Child’s Love For Nature

Nurture Your Child's Love For NatureWe all remember the days when children spent most of their time outside. The majority of us even did so when we were young. But, playing outside is becoming a thing of the past. With the invention of game consoles and smartphones, the need for outdoor exploration has all but disappeared. Or, has it? Of course not. It’s as important for children to spend time outdoors as ever. It’s just harder to get them there! So, how can you encourage your kids out of their rooms? The trick is to start early. Instilling an idea of how amazing nature can be is the best way to make them love going outside. These tips should give you some idea about how to get them into the habit!


This may seem simple, but it needs saying anyway. Taking your children on walks is important! When they’re young, you take them out to give them something to do. Once they’ve started school, though, it gets harder to find the time. Even so, it’s a task you need to make room for! We’re not saying you need to take long sprawling walks in open fields (though that would be ideal). If time is tight, you may need to get creative. Even a ten-minute walk will be enough. Walk them to school, instead of driving. While you walk, draw their attention to the world. Point out trees, flowers, and landmarks. Try and get them excited about what they see!


Another excellent way to get around the issue of time management is to get your garden right. That way, your children can spend time outside whenever they want! Design your garden in a way that makes it perfect for your kids. Think about making the space as secure as it can be. Deal with any fencing issues to ensure they can’t wander into the wrong places! Think, too, about creating a garden that teaches them as much about nature as possible. Plant plenty of flowers. Include bird feeders to encourage a range of wildlife. If you haven’t designed a garden before, it can be an overwhelming task. A garden landscaping company could take care of the task for you. If you tell them what you want, they can also make sure the garden offers everything possible for your children!


When we’re told about all the dangers of the outside, it can be hard to encourage our children to go out there. Even so, encouraging outdoor activities is essential. Despite what you’ve been told, it’s important your kids get messy. This helps their immune system develop, as well as ensuring they have fun! Encourage any activity that takes them out of the house. If they show an interest in sports, sign them up for courses or arrange playdates to get them out. If they like animals, take them outside to see the nature all around. No matter what form it takes, nurture any interest in the outdoors!

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