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Quick Tips That Can Help Busy Moms Manage Their Family’s Finances

When you have a child, you get busy. Not, oh I’ll write that down and do it later busy, but oh my goodness, how the heck am I going to find the time to wash my hair busy! Of course, as a result, some of the things that we are used to doing and keeping under control can go by the wayside, one of which is managing the family budget! Happily, this is something I can help you to keep doing with the quick money management tips below. Read on to find out how to effectively deal with your family’s budget, even when things are hectic.

Use a budget app

It seems simple, but if you want to make managing your family’s finance as easy and quick as possible, it’s well worth investing in a budget app on your smartphone.

The reason is that these are so useful because they allow you to set limits and targets and monitor these on the go. They also make visualizing your budget and working out where your money is going much easier. Some of the apps even have the option to round up your purchases and save or invest the difference too, something that can really make a positive impact on your family’s finances over the long term.


Go for automatic savings

You have probably seen shows like Extreme Couponers where the participants spend hours of their lives every day finding as many coupons as possible and getting their entire months shop for free! You’ll be happy to find out that this s not what I’m recommending here though! After all, if you are a busy mom, the last thing you will want to be doing is staying up all night clipping coupons.

However, that is not to say that you can’t still save money on your family’s shopping bills in others ways. In particular, you can use sites online that allow you to sign up and then receive cash back on your purchases. A service that means you can reduce the overall costs of your shop and help your family’s finances stay on target all in a straightforward and fast manner.

Make time to improve your credit score

Next, when it comes to family finance, your credit score is hugely important. In fact, it is this that usually determines whether you are eligible to make more significant purchases like a property and vehicle. Therefore it’s well worth taking some time to ensure that your credit score is as high as possible to avoid problems in the future.


Happily, you can do this pretty easily with just a few simple tactics. The first of which is to apply for a secured credit card, if your credit score is currently on the low side. This is because a secured credit card will allow you to build your credit score back up by making monthly purchases and paying them back on time. Just don’t go for a card that has an annual fee, or let purchases roll over from month to month either.

Another easy way to help repair your credit score is to approach a company that can query any negative notes or issues you have on your credit record. Of course, it is possible to do this yourself, but as it’s often a complicated and time-consuming process, it can be a lot easier on busy parents to get a professional firm to do this for them.

Life insurance is an essential

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your family if you or your significant other unexpectedly passes? Probably, not and who can blame you, as no one of us like to think about such a dark possibility. However, it is one of the situations that you need to be prepared for if your family’s finances are to be correctly managed.

The good news it’s that it’s not long winded or challenging to secure life insurance for you and your partner. In fact, many companies now will let you apply for this type of insurance in minutes online or over the phone. You don’t even need to complete medical in most cases either, making it a super quick and easy process.

Free activities can be the most fun

Also, when it comes to managing your family’s finances remember that it is entirely possible to have a lot of fun and spend some quality time together as a family doing things that are free.

Free activities can be fun.

In fact, in most larger towns you will find plenty of free activities including parks, museums, parent-child groups. You can even join social media pages that will recommend local events that are free and low cost near to you that are suitable for families. Something that will definitely help you to keep on top of your finances, with minimal effort.

Use a utility switch app

Utilities are things that we usually can’t do without. In fact, it wouldn’t be much fun for you or your family to live in a house that is cold, or that is without running water or electricity. Sadly, such utilities can also be a significant strain on the family finances as well, and it can seem complicated and time-consuming to change providers to get the best deal.

However, once again by using an app you can reduce your outgoing costs quickly and easily. Some firms will even handle the transfer for you, so you really don’t have to do much at all to preserve the family budget, and keep on top of your finances, no matter how busy you get as a mom.

Endless supplies of soup

Now, you may be wondering about this tactic but bear with me on this. An enormous cost for most families is their weekly grocery bill, and yet we still end up throwing away so much food that is still edible just because it’s started to go past its best. This is where the soup thing comes in because once a week you can take all the veg that is left over and dice it and make soup from it. You can use a blender to do this, and some models will even cook the soup for you, or you can pop it into your Insta Pot, so it really couldn’t be quicker or easier!


Then, you can let it cool, bag it up and freeze it and you will have an almost endless supply of low-cost lunches and meals. Of course, the soup base can be used as the starter for sauces and casseroles as well. In fact, you are only really limited by your imagination here, and you will be eating real vegan food that saves your family money! What could be better for your family and your finances than that?

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