Why not Reuse and Recycle Engagement Rings?

When two people fall in love, there is one act that symbolizes their everlasting love that rises above all others. That act is the giving and exchanging of rings. In short, the idea is to wear the rings together to symbolize everlasting love.

However, sometimes the rings have served their purpose and are no longer needed. The reasoning behind no longer needing your engagement ring or wedding band is not always a result of an impending divorce. Sometimes it’s time to upgrade or pass a family heirloom down to the next generation.

Similar to other items we wear and use on a daily basis, recycling and reusing engagement rings are becoming more frequent alternatives. These rings still hold some monetary value and can be sentimental in others’ hands. Here is a deeper look into these ideas.

Recycling Rings

The ideas of recycling a ring seems a little foreign, but it is very similar to other recycling that happens with other materials. Some might remember sorting aluminum cans, plastic containers, and cardboard boxes into their proper piles before taking a trip to the local recycling center. A slip with the weight of your recycled materials was given out to redeem for cash for doing your part in recycling. Recycling had a guaranteed payout as opposed to casino gambling, and the same can happen if you recycle your ring.

The first question you should ask when considering to recycle your ring is, “How much is my ring worth?” There are a few different ways to recycle your engagement ring, and knowing the value of it can help you make the best decision for you.

One way of recycling your ring is to sell it. There are several places that buy precious metals and stones in any form of jewelry. For you, this is recycling because they may not break down the ring but rather turn it around after they’ve bought it from you, much like a pawn shop. You will likely not get what you paid for the ring, but it is a quick way to get some money back.

Another option is to recycle the materials in your ring to make a different piece of jewelry altogether. It can be a ring or another piece like a necklace or pair of earrings. The more materials you have, theoretically, the more pieces you could make from a single ring. This is one way to keep the value of the materials while recreating the sentimental value of the piece of jewelry.

Reusing Rings

Whether a marriage has managed to stay in the honeymoon phase for decades or was soured after a few years, reusing an engagement ring is not out of the question. Family heirlooms have to start somewhere so you might consider making your engagement ring one if it already isn’t. Some ring styles are timeless and have lasting power to be passed down from generation to generation.

In today’s world, some couples aren’t getting engaged because they can’t afford rings, so to have the option to reuse a ring from a previous generation can be a godsend and money saver. Before you make a final decision to recycle a ring or its materials, consider holding on to it for future generations, especially if it was passed down to you. Even if you’re in the midst of a divorce. Children you have together may appreciate the sentiment. It’s never pleasant to have to get a small loan for the rings or the wedding expenses so anywhere you can save some money is always nice and appreciated.

Reuse and Recycle

If you’re torn between reusing and recycling, there are options to do both. You don’t have to hold on to or lose the entire ring as you’re deciding what its future will be.

One option is to recycle half the ring. You could sell off the metal in the ring and hold on to the precious stones, or vice versa. Make sure to get an appraisal of the portion you keep so you can properly ensure them until they move on from your possession. Holding on to a portion of the ring allows you to gift or sell the stones individually.

A likely possibility for these individual stones is to pass them down to children to use in their own engagement rings. You can offer them to sons or sons-in-law to craft a custom ring for his future bride.

Regardless of what you do with your engagement rings, make sure you get an appraisal of the value. This includes an appraisal of new pieces forged from old materials. You’d be surprised how much a piece of jewelry is worthy when it’s laid in a new design.

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