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PomTree Craft Kits: Where No Glue Means No Mess! (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

A special thanks to PomTree Craft for providing us with free products for reviewing purposes!

What is PomTree Crafts All About?

(The About Us description has been brought to you by the PomTree Website)

“Constructive play is an essential part of every child’s development. Bright colors and interesting shapes stimulate young minds, and figuring out exactly how things fit together exercises problem-solving skills. Photos provide a visual guide for builders, while stickers and embellishments offer plenty of options for a child to decorate each project and make it their own.

  The option to customize each project encourages self-expression, and successful creation provides a child with that wonderful, hey-look-what-I-made feeling of achievement. Play is also an important factor in building strong parent-child bonds, and our creative activities provide a great opportunity for parents and children to enjoy important one-on-one time.

With moveable pieces and characters, PomTree products are meant for hours of fun, long after the building is done. Best of all, PomTree pieces are simple to create, with minimal preparation and very little cleanup. No glue, no mess!

Make… decorate… play… grow! With PomTree. “


About the Products We Reviewed



The Swing-A-Long Pet Playset kit creates the purrrr-fect escape for your furry friends! Let them kick up their heels and swing, or pick up some speed on the slide. Naptime for someone? There’s a comfy pet bed in one room, plus plenty of other nooks and crannies for them to explore. Good for hours of creative play! 107 pieces per kit.”






PomTree’s Sweet Sundaes Ice Cream Truck mixed media playset delivers a real treat! Name your business, decorate your truck, then hit the road to dish out “scoops” of your customers’ frozen favorites. Children can make their own unique flavors, and treat themselves to hours of creative play! 117 pieces per kit.” 








Our Day on the Town Sticker Storybook: Lily and her best friends, Charlotte and Ella, are spending a day on the town. Should they shop, eat ice cream, or garden with Ivy? Kids can choose from 879 stickers to complete the story and make sure the girls have a wonderful day together!”





Our Fun & No Mess Review

Having children has helped me immensely with my OCD when it comes to getting dirty and making messes in the house. I have eased up significantly, especially since both of my children love to get their hands messy when they do crafts. However, I tend to seek out crafts that won’t result in glue all over the walls, glitter on the floor and children covered in paint. Sometimes I simply want an easy craft where I don’t continuously have to worry about stains on clothes or a table that takes thirty minutes to clean. You can only imagine how thrilled I was when I discovered a company that prided themselves on “no mess” crafts! The products they had to offer in the “stuck on fun” section consisted of these adorable kits where your child can put together a 3-D craft. My three year old son found himself instantly drawn to the ice-cream truck where it was easy enough for him to put together with minimal assistance from me. This kit allows him the opportunity to use his imagination and creativity to decorate the ice cream truck with a sheet of stickers. My son continues to play with the ice cream truck on a daily basis and I am quite impressed with how well it has held together.

The Swing-along Play set was a craft that both my seven year old and three year old could assist me in building. I just love how much there is for the children to do that helps them with their dexterity. Once the craft was complete, I found that it held together just as well as the ice cream truck did. The children just loved the fuzzy little animals and enjoyed putting them on the swing, down the slide and inside the play set. We keep this on the toy shelf where it continues to be played with every day! We did have several side items that I found would be better to store in the craft closet where items quickly get lost. However, that is not the case with the PomTree crafts because each kit comes with a storage box. The storage boxes fit perfectly on the shelf and contain a handle so you can easily access it. While we were all very satisfied with the two kits, my daughter found herself most intrigued with the sticker storybook. The storybook contained hundreds of stickers in which she could use to make her very own story. She must have spent all afternoon coming up with creative ways to place the stickers and I was so happy to see what enjoyment this brought to her.

 Satisfied would be an understatement… we are 100% happy with the PomTree Crafts!

Just look at all the fun we had:

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15 thoughts on “PomTree Craft Kits: Where No Glue Means No Mess! (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

  1. I love these Pomtree craft kits and they look like so fun to make. My nieces and nephews would love getting to use their imagination in making these kits that are so colorful.

  2. my daughter would love these. And I like that they don’t require glue. she is always wanting to make something artsy, but I don’t want the paint/glue mess. so cute

  3. These are some very nice crafts for young children to work on. The two children that I babysit for would have lot’s of fun using this.

  4. I love the creativity kits! Especially the treehouse. My kids would have fun constructing it as well as playing with it. Great quality!

  5. So colorful and perfect for young imaginations. I think the many details will keep them occupied for a long time!

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