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Little Friends Dollhouse Town Villa

A special thanks to HABA USA for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review! 

As a mother to three daughters, I have purchased my fair share of of dollhouses over the years and if I have learned anything… is that there is a lot to consider before purchasing one! I recently had the opportunity to review the HABA USA Little Friends Dollhouse Town Villa and WOW… this dollhouse checks off each and every pro. Here are all the reasons why not only my girls love it… but also why it is on the top of my list of best dollhouses ever.

First off all, no tools required! If you have ever put together a dollhouse the night before Christmas morning or before birthday morning… you will really appreciate this one. I always find myself surprised by the amount of assembly that needs to be done to set up most dollhouses. This particular dollhouse is literally just three large pieces that you need to fit together, and then two smaller pieces that hold it together. Doesn’t even take 5 minutes to have it set up.

I really love the open concept of this dollhouse as well. My two year old daughter has so much fun moving around the dollhouse and setting up each of the rooms.

The open dollhouse concept is also perfect if you have multiple children sharing it. This allows them to play together without being in each others way. They can play on opposite sides and set rooms up to their own liking and preferences.

The beautifully crafted dollhouse is made of natural beech and plywood with colorful touches like rugs and wallpaper. This dollhouse would match with any decor style or any room in the house.

The dollhouse features 8 rooms and a staircase. This also comes with 10 pieces of furniture including 2 cozy chairs, coffee table, dining table and 2 chairs, bed, desk, chair and rocking horse.

The dollhouse measures 20″ x 16″ x 16″ assembled. This is a great size in my opinion because it doesn’t take up a ton of room, but is still a decent sized dollhouse.

Dollhouse play is so important for young children. I have talked about this many times on my blog, but I love to emphasize the importance of pretend play and the benefits of imaginative play.

One of the most important reasons as to why imagination is so important is that it helps your child to understand the world around them. Imaginative play allows your child to express themselves verbally and physically, act, react and interact, and try out different roles and scenarios. 

HABA USA has plenty of dolls and accessories that you can add to the dollhouse. We added Dad Andreas, Milla Doll, and Baby Nora Doll with Wagon & Pail to the dollhouse and my girls love them!

The dolls are made from a soft plastic with metal wires inside, so they are flexible and can stand on their own. There are SO many other items you can add to the dollhouse that are absolutely adorable.

After many hours of pretend play, I know that my girls are going to have many more unforgettable memories to create while playing with the dollhouse.

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