Pet Owner’s Guide to Cannabis Oil for Dogs & CBD Dog Treats

What is CBD Oil for Dogs?

A legal substance in all 50 states, CBD oil (cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating cannabis extract sought to treat a plethora of different health problems; such as insomnia, anxiety, and epilepsy. Extracted from flowers, marijuana and hemp plants, CBD oil lacks THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the intoxicating ingredient which creates the “high” effect. So, don’t worry, you won’t find your dog sprawled out on the floor begging for food – unless they’re already accustomed to doing that. What it will do is provide the same medicinal benefits that cannabis provides humans.

How does it work?

It’s the same. In our body are cannabinoid receptors, which your dog also has, that help regulate the bodies susceptibility to pain, anxiety, and nausea. With less dosages the results allow for the halting of cancerous cells, help epilepsy and seizers, reduce anxiety, relieve pain, help with bowel issues, reduce inflammation, protect the nervous system and increase the appetite. CBD Oil can also be used to treat arthritis in dogs. Visit Dog per Day for more information.

Why you need it

Considering CBD oils from Simply Pets are all-natural there is very little to worry about. Not only are CBD oils extremely safe and legal but they also provide many health benefits. Health benefits that will allow for longer, healthier, and joyful experiences with your dog.

  1. Cancer

CBD assists in killing cells that cause cells by diminishing their ability to yield energy. Certain properties withhold the growth of glioma cells and continue to help strengthen the immune system from causing cancerous cell growth.

  1. Seizures and epilepsy

Around 5% percent of dogs suffer from seizures because these dogs are put on drugs that often do more harm to the dogs by damaging their liver and further organs. Research has shown to improve epilepsy treatment in children who’ve taken CBD, concluding the results have a high chance of effectiveness in dogs.

  1. Pain Relief and Inflammation

Mention of CBD as a new class of drug treatment for chronic pain is being supported by studies that have shown a decrease in joint pain, nerve-related pain, and inflammation of the pancreas and the intestine.

  1. Increase Appetite

Have a dog that has difficulty with eating? CBD has been reported to have positive impacts on appetite as well as assist with vomiting and nausea.

  1. Shields the Nervous System

Dogs with spinal and nerve issues can be cured with CBD due to consistent studies that have shown protection against diseases toxic to the brain cells.

How to buy CBD Dog Treats & Oils

Knowing the benefits of CBD oils is useful but knowing how to buy is just as important. When doing so, make sure you pay attention to these few things:

  1. Like most things in the health world, you need to separate the authentic from the fake. Make sure to do research, read the labels, and check reviews.
  2. With great responsibility comes great costs. The higher the quality, the more the price. Don’t be afraid to spend money on a good quality product.
  3. Purchase from a transparent seller, a reliable source that is relevant and reliable. You can buy CBD oil from any store that sells cannabis products, but make sure to ask questions
  4. Speak to your vet. Before you purchase talk with your vet and post-purchase it would be wise to introduce your product to them


With no major side effects CBD oils are growing to be a popular, suitable, and reliable source for treatment for people and dogs. Don’t rush your dog into large doses, take your time and make sure to speak to a professional before diving into any financial commitments. The research is out and it’s continuing to show the importance investing in CBD oils. Secure your dog’s health and be the best owner a dog can have.

6 thoughts on “Pet Owner’s Guide to Cannabis Oil for Dogs & CBD Dog Treats

  1. >CBD has been reported to have positive impacts on appetite as well as assist with vomiting and nausea.

    CBD helped my cat stop vomiting all the time after he eats. I’m not sure what exactly was causing it, but whatever it was, CBD helped put a stop to it. And believe me, I’m so grateful to not have to clean up cat puke all the time anymore!

  2. CBD is very good and beneficial for dogs. I have tried CBD on my pet. I noticed anxiety and consulted with the doctor. He suggested me to give him CBD and it worked.

  3. i have seen dogs have regular seizues take cbd oils and reduce the number of seizures massively, some ot even zero… CBD oils and teats are amazing and i would highliy recommend… this post is fantastic and gives the enough detail to say YES TO CBD!!

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