How To Choose Baby Co-Sleepers

In order to enable you to understand more about choosing the best co-sleeper for your baby, it is important to know what a baby co-sleeper. Co-sleeping basically means sleeping close to your baby. Co-sleeping can be categorized as sleeping with the baby in the same room but on different beds, using a bassinet so that the baby sleeps next to your bed or even sleeping with the baby side-by-side in your bed. When you are co-sleeping with a toddler, the safest option is to use a bassinet, which is also referred to as a baby co-sleeper. This is because studies have shown that up to 69% of infants that die of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome were co-sleeping with their parents on the same bed at the time of their death.

How to choose baby co-sleepers

As mentioned above, the best co-sleeping option is the use of bassinets, also referred to as baby co-sleepers. When you are choosing the baby co-sleeper to buy, it is important to consider some factors to ensure the safety of the bay and also their comfort.

Carefully check the point of attachment of the baby co-sleeper to the adult bed.

Most of the baby co-sleepers are attached to the side of the adult bed so that you are able to sleep next to your baby without having to sleep on the same bed. To ensure the safety of your baby, ensure that the point of attachment between the bed and the bassinet is sturdy. This will ensure that the bassinet will not sag or slide away from the bed.

Check the weight limits indicated on the bassinet.

The sturdiness and safety of the bassinet will be greatly affected if it is misused. For example, laying a toddler whose weight has exceeded the weight limit of the bassinet may lead to accidents and injury to the child. If the weight limit is not indicated, ensure that you inquire before you buy the baby co-sleeper.

Check the mattress and bedding.

The mattress should be firm and there should not be any spaces at the edge of the baby co-sleeper. It should fit perfectly onto the bassinet and it should either be made of a cover that is not waterproof or should have an alternative method of cleaning. When you are buying the sheets for the bassinet, ensure that they fit perfectly so that pockets that restrict the baby’s breathing do not form. Also, avoid placing soft materials like pillows or foam in the mattress to make it softer.


The tips listed above are just but a few of the major tips to consider when you are looking to buy a baby co-sleeper. Some of the tips that can be considered include the cost. It should not only be of high quality but also affordable to you. Since a baby co-sleeper can only be used for a short time before the baby grows up, you can also check if it has alternative uses and also the flexibility. A baby co-sleeper that is easily foldable is efficient when traveling and some can be used by the children to play when they cannot sleep in the bassinet anymore.

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