Pest Concerns? 3 Tips for Protecting Your Home and Garden

No matter where you live, some types of pests will try to enter your home if you’re not careful. Due to seasonal changes, extreme weather events, food shortages, or loss of habitat, pests may be attracted to your home. And if they find your home an adequate place for a nest, with plenty of food around, they will spread in your living spaces, causing damage to your property and putting your health at risk.

          Read on to learn how to protect your home and garden from these tiny but dangerous invaders.

1.      Deep Clean Your Home

If you’ve noticed an unusual number of insects or found traces of rodents in and around your home, you may have a pest problem. A common dilemma that many people face in this situation is whether to clean their homes first or call pest control services immediately. Is deep cleaning safe or effective if you have pests in your home? Yes, cleaning your home with disinfectants and high-quality cleaning products is a crucial step to take. So, if you suspect that pests may be hiding in your home or garden, do a deep cleaning session. Cleaning the house helps remove dead insects, insect nests, and cobwebs. While cleaning, inspect all the surfaces and hidden corners in your home for pest traces. Are there are any damp or moldy spots? If yes, this is a sign that pests have the conditions to thrive in your home. Cracks or holes in the foundation or around doors and windows may be how the pests entered your home.

2.      Declutter

An effective way to protect your home and garden from pests is to ensure that they have no places to hide. A decluttering session is an essential step for making your environment safe again. It gives you the chance to dispose of old boxes, shoes, pots, papers, and other useless and dusty objects. And boxes, shelves, and drawers filled with old items are breeding grounds for termites, insects, and rodents. Decluttering helps remove potential nest areas and ensures that other pests will not find your home attractive. In the sanitization process, cleaning and decluttering are both equally important.

3.      Contact Pest Control Services

If you’ve found pests or traces of pests in your home while cleaning and decluttering, consider contacting pest control services. Pest control requires the use of strong chemicals. Therefore, do not try to eliminate the pests yourself with store-bought substances because this can be very dangerous to you, your children, and your pets. At the same time, do not ignore the problem. Pests can cause many diseases and allergies, and they can also cause damage to your home, furniture, and possessions. A professional pest control service like Nextgen Pest Solutions can make your home environment clean and safe again, with no risk to your children or pets.

Tiny and very adept at hiding, pests can make your life at home more difficult. Don’t let these disease-spreading guests feel comfortable in your home. Use the tips above to protect yourself and your family.

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  1. When doing a deep cleaning, you can also discover and seal off any holes or gaps where pests could sneak in. Doing this during the deep clean makes your home less appealing to pests and keeps them from becoming a problem in the future.

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