2021 Beauty Ecommerce Strategies in The New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected every sector worldwide. Many people lost their jobs, a lot of people got furloughed, and a majority of businesses closed down. People were forced to start their businesses at home, and even major companies relied on their online stores. There’s no doubt that e-commerce was a massive relief for people who were terrified to go out and buy their essentials.

More and more establishments are starting to re-open their physical stores because the vaccine for COVID-19 is already ready. However, this does not mean that we are going back to our old normal anytime soon. If you are new to the e-commerce industry, do not worry because e-commerce cannot close down like brick-and-mortar stores unless the site became utterly irrelevant. 

The beauty industry is one of the most significant sectors that flourished through the pandemic. More people are starting to advocate for environmental sustainability, so many consumers opt for products made with natural ingredients. It is good news for Korean beauty products as they provide the main supply for these kinds of beauty products. With their innovation at this rate, their products still have a bright future ahead. 


  • Affordability will be a massive factor in shopping.


The pandemic left the people with low income or no income at all. With this, more consumers are mindful of where their money goes. It does not mean that they will opt for cheap products. It only means that they are keen on looking for inexpensive products that can give more benefits. 

Fortunately, Korean beauty products are still in demand today. By grabbing the opportunity given by wholesale Korean skincare websites, it is highly achievable. Most of these sites offer authentic K-beauty products at a reasonable price. Their beauty products are essentially cheaper than other luxury brands, so it is a more accessible option for those massively affected by the pandemic.


  • People are opting for natural products.


The demand for natural beauty is rising. During the pandemic, more people are choosing skincare products over makeup. It is because people are focusing on their entire well-being instead of only looking pretty. Most Korean skincare products contain natural ingredients like aloe vera, honey, rice, and green tea extracts, making it a big hit through the years. 


  • Storytelling marketing is emerging.


Beauty brands are trying to make their products diverse for every culture. Storytelling marketing is becoming more popular because it creates a deeper connection and impact with the audience and consumers.  This generation prefers a brand with solid advocacies and meaningful philosophies. Once you successfully establish this connection, you will earn more loyal consumers.


  • Bring the experience to the people.


Video and photo filters were massive game-changers. Known beauty companies and other companies from different sectors optimized AR/VR technology to provide the closest experience a person could get from a physical store. Although it cannot be accurate most of the time, it can give them a relative idea of how they would look with a specific shade by only using a single picture. For sure, it will improve soon and will likely be more accurate.


  • Offer affordable sample subscription services.


Unlike what people experience in physical stores, they cannot try or swatch actual products. AR/VR technology provides it somehow, but trying it on your skin is an unbeatable experience. Sampling is one way to earn sales while providing samples to your consumers. Use the element of surprise and personalization to let your consumers feel special. You can also use it as a way of promoting products that are generating low sales.


  • Come up with creative bundles and promos.


Every consumer loves promos and bundles because they think they are getting more than what they pay for. There is no more perfect time than this time as people are trying to save money. You can offer bundles based on the hottest products and trends during a particular period so your consumers will immediately grab them. Offering limited bundles will also let your consumers feel a sense of urgency in buying a specific bundle or product. 


Adapting to the new normal we live in today is vital for every business, online or not. E-commerce has long been a part of people’s everyday lives, but we strongly saw it during this pandemic. Watching the market and the trend moves while strategizing will let you create a more substantial beauty website.

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