Tips On Decluttering Your Household

To many, the idea of cleaning out a home and simplifying life sounds very attractive. There are many mind-body benefits to owning fewer possessions, including a greater sense of financial freedom, less responsibilities, and less stress. If you are like most of us, however, you look around your cluttered living space and think, “where in the world do I even begin”?

Perhaps the problem is that you are looking at where you would like to go and comparing it to the situation you are living in right now. What if we could teach you to take small and consistent steps toward decluttering your home and simplifying your life? Your house cleaning venture does not have to be stressful or overwhelming. Follow these fun and simple tips and start seeing areas of your home that were previously hidden behind your “valued” possessions!

Begin with 5-minute sessions

So you don’t have an hour to clean out that closet—what if you took five minutes and re-organized your shoes? Everyone has five minutes that they can reallocate toward some forward movement; use these five minute productivity sessions and build upon them as you work your way through every room in your house.

Give or donate one item each day

Purses, shoes, extra clothing, and toys pile up very quickly, and there is no way that you can use everything that you have. Why not donate items you no longer need to a good cause, such as GoodWill or your local church charities? Giving away one item each day is a wonderful way to begin prioritizing what you really need. Designate a bag or an area near your back door where you can collect things all week, and make Saturday the day that you drop off items at your local charity collection center. These donations are tax deductible as well; keep you receipts and cash in at tax time.

Get cash for your items

Tips On Decluttering Your Household

You may have items that you no longer use that are worth some cash! Your high end items can be easily sold at Chapes-JPL, they are a reputable establishment where you can also get pawn loans in Johns Creek GA. I used to have a habit of keeping all of my high end items, never wanting to let them go, yet they sat around for years collecting dust in my closet. I have since changed my perspective when it comes to this, I would much rather have the cash in hand rather than a closet full of clutter that does not get used. 

Fill a trash bag on a regular basis

Whether you are collecting trash or items for donation, you are moving toward your goal of prioritizing what you need and getting rid of what you don’t. Take some time on a regular basis and go through drawers, shelves, and cupboards, and clean out those spaces to make room for things that you might really need.

Consider making furniture pieces multi-functional

If you have a room or two that could double as guest rooms, but you have no desire to obtain more pieces of furniture to make these rooms look and feel more cluttered, consider multifunctional pieces like sleeper sofas that could be used by day and by night. Kevin Sykes from Modern Digs Furniture says in the article “The 24 Best Modern Sleeper Sofa Beds for 2019” that a sleeper sofa without any removable cushions will add a minimalist vibe to any room. Other useful pieces that can simplify a room’s look and feel include ottomans that double as storage spaces, cedar chests that can double as a sitting space, and daybeds that can be used 24/7.  

Begin by making “to do” lists

Sometimes the simple act of making a list is all you need to do to start being more productive. Begin by making lists of easy areas to clean, like closets and drawers. When those areas are done, move on to larger, more significant projects like basement and garage. In no time, you’ll be blasting through your whole living space and feeling the difference that a clean and organized home environment can create.

Follow Oprah’s example

She may not have come up with the idea, but she sure publicized the concept of discovering which wardrobe pieces must stay in your closet. Begin by rearranging all of the hangars in your closet so they are facing backward. Each time you select garments from your closet, turn the hangar so that it is facing the other way. In three months, evaluate which pieces have moved and which have not. Clean out the closet, removing pieces that haven’t moved. Trust us, you won’t miss them.

Implement the “four category method”

As you systematically go through each room in your home, categorize every single item into four categories:

  • Trash
  • Give away
  • Keep
  • Relocate

Don’t pass a single possession over; if you need to take time deliberating with family members on which category to place an item in, do so. In time, your whole family will see the value in getting more organized, learning to live happily with less, and feeling a sense of freedom from clutter that was bogging you down before.  

No matter what step you begin with, it’s time to get excited about the prospect of moving forward with your project! Take a deep breath, visualize your newer, freer life with less, and notice the difference in your mental, emotional and even physical state as you free yourself from the chaos of clutter. Here’s to a cleaner, healthier, happier home!


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