Pampering that Special Pet

Pampering that Special PetYour loyal dog or cute cat deserves to be treated like a loving member of the family.  Some members of your family might even like your pet more than other human members of the household!  Going the extra mile doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some ways to show that love frugally.

Fido the Foodie

Gourmet treats that might even tempt the humans to try a bite are a great way to spoil your hound or feline.  Try ordering your canine pal a puppachino next time you are at Starbucks.  For a more homemade treat, make doggie cupcakes following the canine-friendly substitutions of peanut butter for oil and dairy-based butter.  Absolutely no chocolate of course, but some shredded carrot is a better choice to add sweet flavor rather than sugar.  Dogs have all evolved alongside humans meaning that they can eat many of the same grains and vegetables that we do; cats not so much. Treats made in your kitchen are a healthier alternative than store-bought treats.  If you learn more from Yourpetland.Com, your animal can also be a foodie with a taste as refined as their owner.

Spa day for Spot

Show you care with a pet massage!  Did you know that your dog will also find stress relief from working the knots out of deep muscle tissue? Use the same relaxing moves you would use on a human but go slow and gentle.  Acupuncture might be a bit extreme, but there’s no reason not to find their pressure points.  Pick up some pointers on specific dog massage moves before any attempt at using higher force on your little buddy.  Relieve the stress of modern life with humans by turning on some relaxing aromatherapy.  Catnip is the obvious choice for kitties.  Dogs will stay calm and comfortable. Try to avoid exciting scents like spices that might be evoking food seeking or hunger.  While flowers and sweet scents may smell nice to human noses, dogs likely have a different perspective. Try comforting nature smells like cut grass, freshly turned earth, and rainfall.

Namaste for Nemo

There is also such a thing as dog yoga.  Good luck convincing your cat to participate, as flexible felines are already yoga masters.

Once you’ve fed and worked out your doggie’s stress points, perhaps some yoga is needed to limber up and get going again.  Admittedly, the humans get more out of this last one.  We have much to learn from our four-legged friends.  As quadrupeds, they have a natural ability to do different moves than us humans on two feet. There is no wonder they call it downward dog!  Of course, the dog will be happy to be included and will try to join in.  Simply watching you do yoga from their favorite blanket or spot on the couch might be enough for the cat.

Man’s best friend works to serve us, so it’s only natural to return the favor.  Certainly, the melamine contamination from Chinese-sourced pet food was enough to give the hardened pet owner a scare.  Hold your fuzzy friends tight!

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