Let the Good Times Roll at Your Home

Spring is in the air. It matters not what region of the United States you live, with the warmer weather comes outdoor planning. If you are of the personality type that is sociable, little doubt that you will want to have friends and family over to your home for a party.

Truth is, regardless of the time of year, those with the outgoing personality love hosting people at their homes. With the warmer seasons, gatherings can be had outdoors on the deck or backyard. Perhaps you have a pool, that is sure to attract friends and family over to cool off in the summer heat.

As the summer season winds down, along comes the fall and winter. We all know what comes with this season, the stress of the holidays. For those who celebrate; Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years brings an abundance of stress that manifests in a variety of ways.

Financial, in how we will pay for the gifts. Time, in how we will be able to manage all of the responsibilities that come with the holidays and balance this with our other responsibilities. Family, in what buttons those certain members will inevitably “push”.

What better time than now to visit, or revisit as it may be, some tips for hosting a party at your home. These tips can be utilized any season of the year.

Keep It Fun

Formal get-togethers may be necessary in certain circumstances; for example, a gathering after a funeral. That is not what we will focus on, as these occurrences should be a rarity. Lets keep our attention keyed on the gatherings that bring a smile to everyone’s face in attendance (this is certainly not to say that this can not be accomplished for an after-funeral gathering).

There are a couple guiding tips that we can apply to assist us in keeping the party theme fun for all involved:

Prepare in Advance

To save yourself a headache, decide on who you will invite well in advance of your get-together, possibly 3 or 4 weeks ahead of time. Come up with your “to do” list a week or two prior.

Have you ever been to a party where the hosting home did not stock their bathroom for the guests? Yuck! A few days before the party, do a quick check of your bathroom essentials and stock up accordingly.

Simple Is the Way to Go

Who of us does not enjoy a great formal dinner? Certainly we all do. When it comes to a party hosted at your home, with a theme centered on fun, a formal dinner is not an appropriate fit.

Keep it simple. Appetizers fit the bill. Even better, you can purchase pre-made appetizers at select grocery stores. Have a selection of food to choose from, perhaps buffet style, for your guests to munch on as they see fit.

Keep Your Guests Involved

Simply having people over to your home for a generic “party” is fine on face, yet glum, would you not agree? What generally happens? As guests flow in, general conversation ensues. People wander over to the food table, grab a drink or two, and typically stick with the 2 or 3 folks in attendance that they know and are comfortable with.

Here are some ideas for you to consider to “liven up” the crowd. Set a theme, and this should be done early enough so if, and when, you send out invitations the theme is announced.

Ever consider nametags for the guests, where each person is affixed with a nickname? Based upon the theme you choose, the nicknames can follow accordingly.

Everyone loves some genre of music. A sure way to get the guests into the moment is to have karaoke, which can be built into the theme. But aren’t karaoke machines expensive? We are, after all, practicing a frugal way of life these days! –that’s why you need to pay attention when you shop for one. When picking a karaoke machine, you should make sure it’s durable. That way the family can enjoy the fun for longer!

It will be no trouble for you to find some of the best karaoke machines for your budget. Then, your home will turn into the “place to be” for your get-togethers!

Music Selection

Did your college days consist of the occasional trip to the local bar for a night of drinks and karaoke? Favorite musician that you like to imitate? Not all of your guests have the experience of singing karaoke, so we better have a plan for the music selection.

There is a vast array of music genres available on the radio and our phones today. As with many aspects of life, not everyone takes a liking to all of them. Who of us does? However, experience has shown that you can’t go wrong with some of the most popular karaoke songs of all-time.

Musical tastes are sure to be satisfied with a selection that includes artists such as Aretha Franklin, Backstreet Boys, Elton John, and Miley Cyrus.

Last Call

One of the greatest benefits to having a home is the ability to host for family and friends. It brings about a sense of community and literally lets you welcome your guests into your life. One of the ways this happens is when they see family pictures and ask you questions.

Life brings its challenges to everyone. We all need to escape the stresses of daily living every now and then and unwind. Afford your guests the opportunity to do this with you.

In review, plan ahead. Come up with the party theme, decide on who to invite, and send out the invitations.

No need to stress over preparing a formal dinner. Come up with some simple appetizer ideas, as well as other foods that are easy to buy or prepare.

With a theme set, decide on the activity, or activities as it may be, that will keep everyone involved. Hard to go wrong with karaoke! Then you can decide upon the artists you’d like for your guests to choose from as they envision themselves taking the stage in front of 20,000 screaming fans.

Cherish these memories, as they last a lifetime.  

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