October Is National Bullying Prevention Month

With a young daughter in school, I am no stranger to the world of bullying. I am fortunate to have my daughter in a school that puts such great effort into bullying prevention. However, I am realistic in the fact that I understand the staff can’t have their eyes on my daughter to ensure bullying never occurs. I am aware that my daughter will encounter situations in which she will both be the bully or be the victim of bullying. When that situation arises, I want my daughter to have a better understanding of how to make the appropriate decision and what effects her decisions will have on other people. It’s so very important to me that I find that perfect balance in which I can teach my daughter not to be a bully, while lifting up her self esteem so that she can feel confident enough to stand up against bullying. We have all been victims of bullying one time or another in our childhood and it’s something that none of us want our children to have to endure. There is no greater way to prevent the act of bullying than to educate our children on this important topic. So where do we begin… how do we start the dialogue with our children about bullying? Don’t be afraid to talk to them and tell them the seriousness of bullying. I personally try to remind my daughter of a time when she was being picked on and have her reflect on how sad that made her feel. It always becomes so clear again to her that it wasn’t a great feeling and that she doesn’t want someone else to feel that sad.



11 Movies to Stream on Netflix for Bullying Prevention Month

Show your big kids real and relevant stories about how kids fight back:

middle school movies

Show your little ones that there’s a hero in all of us:

elem school titles

Big Kids
1. Bully
2.The War
3.Billy Elliott
4.The Fat Boy Chronicles
5.Cyber Bully
  Little Kids
1. Hercules
2.Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
3.Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
4.Spy Kids: All the Time in the World
5.Justice League Unlimited 6.Ben 10: Alien Force


Movie Review

A movie that is better suited for older children and adults is the movie Bully. This heart wrenching documentary takes you into the lives of families that have been greatly effected by bullying. This documentary will leave you full of emotions and wanting to take a bigger stand against bullying! The suffering seen in this movie was more than I could bear and has only made me want to be a bigger advocate for bullying prevention. No child should go through what these children and families have gone through and it’s up to us to teach our children that it is NOT OK to treat another human being that way. This movie was life changing and I highly recommend you watch it for yourself if you have children.

Anti-Bullying Tie Dye Pillow and Tote


Inspire your big kids to take a stand against bullying with these empowering messages. Click here to learn how to make your own.






“I’m a Superhero” Photo Magnet

Superhero MagnetShow your little ones there’s a superhero in every kid with this fun and easy craft. Click here for full instructions.






7 thoughts on “October Is National Bullying Prevention Month

  1. I’ve never heard of the movie, Bully, so thank you for mentioning that. I’m glad Netflix is getting on board with anti-bullying. It really is a problem, even for adults.

  2. More parents need to get involved with their kids to prevent bullying. If I had been a bully, I would have been in SO much trouble with my parents. And they would have found out.

  3. I preach to my kids all the time about not being mean or participating in the bullying of another child. They have unfortunately been on the receiving end of it from time to time, but I also teach them to stand up for themselves. Unfortunately it’s a necessary things these days. I’m going to check out some of these shows, I think they’ll make for a good and educational family movie night.

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