Pacific Rim Blu-Ray Giveaway

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About Pacific Rim


Directed by Guillermo del Toro, Pacific Rim is an epic science fiction film set in the 2020s. Earth is at war with Kaijus; colossal monsters from an inter-dimensional gateway on the Pacific Ocean floor. Humanity unites to fight these huge monsters by creating the Jaegers: gigantic humanoid robots that are controlled by two pilots whose minds and memories are linked. The story takes place in the later days of the war, following Raleigh Becket, a former Jaeger pilot called out of retirement and paired up with newbie pilot Mako Mori in a final effort to defeat the Kaijus!


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15 thoughts on “Pacific Rim Blu-Ray Giveaway

  1. Yikes! You just scored a FRESHMAN FAN!

    C’mon, soldier! The safety of Planet Earth depends on your Pacific Rim knowledge! Try the quiz again!

  2. Yikes I only scored a freshman fan (guess Im not a very good guesser-LOL) Good thing its for my hubby and boys and not me (they are the superfans)

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