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Natural Alternatives To Baby Products

In the current environmental climate, more and more people are looking for a natural alternative to pretty much everything. Combine this awareness with becoming a parent, and it’s inevitable to instinctively worry about what is being put on a newborn baby’s skin. 

Unfortunately, some products contain ingredients that can irritate and if a child has suffered as a result of a product it’s advised to speak to a personal injury lawyer, especially if it is down to an unexpected, ‘surprise’ injury. By making this switch, it can save money, protect the baby’s sensitive skin, and contribute towards decreasing plastic consumption. So here are some top natural alternatives to baby products.

Olive Oil 

Now, this one is a shocker because so many expensive and chemical-heavy products claim to treat and even cure cradle cap, yet who knew this cooking essential that many have stashed away in kitchen cupboards could actually be the answer. Full of natural antioxidants, olive oil is known for cleansing and moisturizing dry skin; just apply a couple drops to the affected area, massage it in gently and leave for 15 minutes before combing out. And if your child experiences tooth pain, be sure to consult this experienced dentist in Pearland for dental treatment.

Baking Powder 

A natural alternative to deodorant, baking powder (another product hidden in kitchen cupboards!) is more gentle on the baby’s skin than talcum powder. Furthermore, talcum powder has recently made headlines over claims that it is carcinogenic. Applied in a baby’s leg and neck rolls, baking powder can prevent dryness and reduce sweat building up. 

Coconut Oil 

This absolute wonder product can have a multitude of uses, from nappy cream to baby lotion, it’s amazing. Full of anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, coconut oil can be applied as a nappy cream to the affected area to help prevent nappy rash by acting as a barrier on the skin to curb further irritation. 

Well known for being deeply moisturizing, coconut oil can also replace fragranced baby lotions without compromising soft, supple skin, add a couple of drops of a favorite essential oil to extra virgin coconut oil, and voila, a homemade, entirely natural baby lotion!

Chamomilla Granules 

A teething baby can be a minefield anyway, before even trying to navigate which teething gels to buy and the ingredients used aren’t always the most natural. 

But no fear! Weleda Chamomilla Granules are an all-natural alternative available at most health stores and are suitable for vegan and lactose intolerant infants. This little tub can go a long way and provide quicker, longer-lasting relief compared to most teething gels. 

Jojoba Oil

This is not actually an oil but a liquid wax, this natural moisturizer is scientifically proven to be the closest to skin’s natural sebum and therefore one of the best ways to naturally cure eczema on children’s sensitive skin. 


Hopefully, these five natural alternatives to baby products have been inspiring enough to make the switch from branded to natural products, not only for the benefit of baby’s but to help families save money too! Whether choosing to go all-natural or just make one small change, these wonderful ingredients can put parents’ minds at ease while caring for their little one. 

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