How To Bring Mindfulness Into Your Day-To-Day Life

Being mindful can seem like a chore. However, when you bring it into your life and practice it, it will cease to feel that way. Mindfulness is a way of being present, without judgment, and on purpose. Everyone can benefit from being more mindful. We always have access to distractions, but it is important that we make time to take stimulation away and be present. This is great for our mental health too. However, if you are feeling stressed, then it is also important to address the issue and make changes. If this is due to an accident, or something that isn’t your fault, then you may even want to consider an emotional distress lawsuit

Use routine activities

Bring awareness into things that you do every day. Many of us have a habit of doing several things at once, so try and be present in the little things. For example, brushing your teeth, eating, showering, standing in a queue. Bring mindfulness into these activities by using your senses, focus on the smell, sight, sound, feel, and taste. You might find that these activities are more interesting then you thought. 

Start and finish the day right

As soon as you wake up, be mindful as this will set your day off right. Don’t grab your phone or switch on the TV. Instead, get up and meditate. If you struggle to stay away, then get up and dressed first or have your coffee.

Similarly, go to bed mindfully. Keep your phone and TV out of your room. Read or practice sleep meditations. You can find some great ones on YouTube. 

Let your mind wander

Your mind will naturally wander, and that’s ok. Do not judge yourself for it. Listen to your thoughts and then let them pass. 

Keep it short

How long you meditate depends on the individual. It is something that most people need to build up slowly and practice. Start with a couple of minutes and build up to longer. Little and often is a good approach. 

While you wait

Traffic jams and long ques are great opportunities to be mindful. Instead of being stressed, take the time to use your senses or take some deep breaths in and out. 

Pick a prompt

Forming new habits can be difficult. One tip is to do it at the same time as a habit you already have to remind you. For example, take a mindful moment every time you enter your room. 

Mindful eating

Mindful eating is powerful and leaves you feeling more satisfied. Don’t eat on the go, eat at a table and once everything is ready. Take a moment before you start eating to be present. You will enjoy your food a lot more and are more likely to realize when you are full. 


Yoga is a great way to be mindful of both your body and mind. It brings awareness and helps you to listen and understand your body. You can find excellent tutorials on YouTube; Yoga with Adriene is a great place to start. 

Be patient

You might find these things difficult at first, but keep persevering and be kind to yourself. 

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