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MOTORWORKS Fuel-N-Shine Station & NGX NextGen Stock Review

A special thanks to Manhattan Toy for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

MOTORWORKS Fuel-N-Shine Station & NGX NextGen Stock Review

About Manhattan Toy

“Play is discovery and exploration, and joy, and growth, and learning, and so much more. And for us play is serious work. So when we bring play to life, we do it with a commitment to the finest in craftsmanship and creativity. All of our products, from the newest concepts to our time-tested classics, are innovatively designed to inspire imaginative play and delight our consumers large and small.”

About the Motorworks NGX NextGen Stock Car

“All about effects, the Speed Series offers additional snap-fit accessories that take you from the street to the raceway! Customized to move, these vehicles feature accessories that evoke sleek, aerodynamic lines and the ability to shatter the speed limit! Includes 8 repositionable decals • Beech wood frame, highly detailed features, and smooth rolling wheels, the NGX NextGen Stock 3.0 is stylish, durable, and very playable • Interchangeable cab, snap-fit chassis, realistic tires with removable rims • Front air dam, rear spoiler, and side effects snap off and are compatible with all Motorworks vehicles • 15 pieces plus 8 repositionable decals • “

MOTORWORKS Fuel-N-Shine Station & NGX NextGen Stock Review

 My three year old son is a huge fan of race cars and it’s not rare to find him carrying one in his hand. His face immedietly lit up with excitement the first time he saw the MOTORWORKS NGX NextGen Stock Car and I could not open the box fast enough for him. I have to admit that upon opening it and realizing the pieces come apart, I was a bit worried. We have purchased him several types of cars that come apart and can be rebuilt and they just never seem to stay together and the pieces are always getting lost. I was also thinking to myself  “oh great, I can already see that I am going to have to put this car back together a hundred times for my son.” However, after three days of my son being completely inseparable from this car, I am happy to report that not a single piece has been misplaced, nor have I had to put it back together for my son. I was shocked at how well all of the pieces stayed in place once together! It also only took my one time to explain to my son that the car pieces come apart and he can rebuild it, after that he was perfectly capable of doing it all on his own. The pieces snap back together with ease, making it a toy that my son can play with independently. I just adore watching my son take the car apart and trying to figure out how the pieces go back, this is so great for his fine motor skills. This car has completely exceeded my expectations and turned out to be a far better toy than I anticipated. My son also brings it with him everywhere (even to bed) so I can honestly say that he is a big fan!

MOTORWORKS Fuel-N-Shine Station & NGX NextGen Stock Review

About the Motorworks Fuel-N-Shine Station

“This wooden play set is a gas station and car wash in one. Fill up any MOTORWORKS™ vehicle at the pump and then zip through the car wash or a quick shine. Fuel tank has removable nozzles to fill up vehicles and car wash has rollers that spin as vehicles are pushed through. Monster wheels and axles are not compatible with car wash. Also includes 20 repositionable decals for easy customization.”

MOTORWORKS Fuel-N-Shine Station & NGX NextGen Stock Review

What better way for your child to keep their MOTORWORKS cars clean than in the fun and high quality Fuel-N-Shine station? This car wash is the perfect way to help your young child express their imagination. I am very fond of toys that don’t require batteries because that means my children must use their imagination and creativity in order to bring the toy to life. Your child is gaining so much more when they must do more than the toy and there are so many toys on the market that do all the work and fun for your child. The car wash provides so many different ways for your child to express their creative side as they give their car a good clean. The gas pump also has a removable nozzle and my son just loves pretending to fill his car up with gas. I always encourage him to make noises as he uses this fuel station and he really gets into it! He especially loves how easily he can guide the race car through the car wash. This has become one of his top favorite toys and uses it multiple times a day.

MOTORWORKS Fuel-N-Shine Station & NGX NextGen Stock Review

MOTORWORKS Fuel-N-Shine Station & NGX NextGen Stock Review

MOTORWORKS Fuel-N-Shine Station & NGX NextGen Stock Review

I was very impressed with the quality of these MOTORWORKS products and my overall experience was very positive. I just adore wooden toys, as they have proven over the years to be the long lasting. Encouraging your child to have an active imagination is such an important part of play time! The MOTORWORKS products have really helped my son to let his imagination shine and have provided hours of fun for him!

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MOTORWORKS Fuel-N-Shine Station & NGX NextGen Stock Review



MOTORWORKS Fuel-N-Shine Station & NGX NextGen Stock Review




MOTORWORKS Fuel-N-Shine Station & NGX NextGen Stock Review

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23 thoughts on “MOTORWORKS Fuel-N-Shine Station & NGX NextGen Stock Review

  1. My grandson could play for hours with this set pushing the car around and taking it through the car wash. I love how durable it looks too!

  2. i love that it something for boy and yes a girl can play with it also.. love the fact its big enough but small enough for little fingers, and just the idea for them to be able to take a car through a wash is exciting 🙂 great review and thanks for share

  3. i like that the rollers spin when the car goes through like a real car wash! and it is made of wood which is neat. my son loves to play with cars and trucks but doesn’t really have anything to play along with them.

  4. I love these wooden MotorWorks toys! My little guy does as well. Makes for hours and hours of fun play!

  5. this is so cute my son loves everytime we go in the carwash so i know he would love playing with one 🙂

  6. This toy looks awesome!! I love how the pieces of the car come apart and is easy to put back together. It looks very well made and the little gas station and car wash is adorable! My son loves cars too, he would absolutely love this! 🙂

  7. This would be perfect for my nephew. He loves anything with wheels and it would amuse him for hours!

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