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Mid century modern homes: Reasons why you should consider buying one

Mid century modern homes: Reasons why you should consider buying one

If you’ve seen or are a fan of the series, Mad Men then you probably understand what the rave about Mid century modern homes is all about. A decade after its premiere and despite the season finale being aired almost three years ago, it is interesting to note that modern design lovers across the US and abroad continue to find the design relevant. The show and the media particularly magazines like Wallpaper and Dwell have certainly inspired homeowners’, buyers’, architects’ and decorators’ interests in a frenzy ushering it back into the design world and the mainstream. Characterized by an open floor plan reflecting a classic and sexy visual style with minimal interior walls and the use of a muted palette color scheme, the house is usually spread out on one level only and has a distinct seductive mood, understated yet quietly glamorous vibe about it. Here are several reasons why this fuss-free design concept is worth considering.

Sleek and elegant

Profoundly influenced by the Bauhaus movement, this design style is one of the first to fully integrate form and function. Its primary principle, form follows function is reflected in the elegance of clean lines, a muted color scheme usually neutral, white and black including accessories and furniture that are kept at a minimum.

Bold and iconic

The mix of glass, steel and other modern materials result in bold and amazing structures. The term “mid century modern” generally refers to a broad description of architecture, furniture, interior and graphic design heavily influenced by the Industrial Revolution and post world war eras. This led to the creation of modern and iconic landmarks including furniture pieces such as the Eames Lounge Chair. The design never goes out of style. Whether you are looking for a remodeled home in California or a cool customized home in Colorado, there is something for everyone.

Minimalist and eclectic

If you are highly interested in minimalism, then this is the perfect home style for you. Glass is usually incorporated in the construction design allowing more natural light in which is often used to draw attention to shapes and spaces in the home’s interior. And in keeping with a minimalist look, kitchens are designed with that in mind. Cabinets are blended into walls, kitchen tools and equipment are neatly tucked away and furniture is carefully chosen to ensure they are both functional and able to provide storage, too.

Beloved designs

The continuous rise in popularity of mid century style is not only limited to homes but extends to furniture and accessories as well so much so that furniture companies like Knoll and Herman Miller both synonymous with mid century modern style in recent years reissued some of their classic designs sometimes with a modern twist to it in response to the high demand from customers of all ages and backgrounds.

Strong comeback

The appeal of the mid century modern home style has grown even more so in the last few years going beyond a niche group of baby boomers and design enthusiasts and into the mainstream. Reality is that more and more people want to simplify their lives as seen in the popularity of the DIY movement. And a mid century modern home is the perfect combination of minimal and contemporary style at its best.

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