Understanding Your Breakouts: All About the Major Types of Acne

Acne comes in a number of varieties and knowing which one you have will give you a better chance of treating it effectively. Here’s a rundown on the five major types of acne.

Blackheads: This form of acne has the appearance of tiny black dots. Blackheads are caused when debris such as dead skin cells, oil and dirt block the pores and the debris becomes oxidized.

Whiteheads: These are small blemishes with a tiny white head caused by follicles blocked by excess sebum and dead skin cells.

Papules: This form of acne develops in the phase beyond whiteheads, when the debris in the blocked pore is causing inflammation. You will recognize papules by their redness and swelling, but there will be no pus.

Pustules: Pustules are like papules but they contain whitish or yellowish-looking pus. Don’t fall prey to the temptation to squeeze them or you may pay for it later with a permanent scar.

Severe Acne: If you’ve been suffering with acne for months and it has the appearance of large, red, swollen pimples then it’s likely that you have a form of severe acne. Types of severe acne include: cysts, nodules, or acne conglobata. These forms of acne are deeper within the skin and can leave nasty scars if left untreated. If you’ve tried over-the-counter treatments and they have been ineffective, it’s time to talk to a dermatologist. Ask about treatment systems that work for your type of skin and check out what customers say about Proactiv as a complete acne treatment.

The Importance of Cleansing for Men

Men tend to have bigger pores than women do. Men’s skin is also about twenty percent greasier. What this means is that is prone to get dirtier. This is why cleansing is of the utmost importance. Cleansing will not only help you to keep your pores clean, it will also keep your skin looking young and healthy.

The best facial cleansers are one which contains very few chemicals. You should opt for an organic brand whenever possible. It is best to avoid using soap in your face because most soaps contain ingredients that are too harsh for your facial skin.

The best way to cleanse your face is with a mild facial scrub. It will exfoliate your face and leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. Scrubs can also help prevent razor burn. Scrubs containing large, rough particles like ground nuts should be avoided as they may cause skin damage. Use a light moisturizer after you have cleansed; particularly one containing aloe vera or vitamin E. Depending on your skin type and the season, there are different products that enhance your skin. Each will have a very different result. After shaving, you need to moisturize with a product that has absolutely no alcohol in it.

Young looking skin always looks healthy and glowing. In order to keep your skin looking young and firm, there are things you can do to keep your face looking its best including taking care of your skin, eating a healthy diet and staying out of the sun. Don’t forget that your facial skin can mirror your general health.

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