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Messy Marvin: Marvin On The Move Tote Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

A special thanks to Messy Marvin for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review

Messy Marvin: Marvin On The Move Tote Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

 About Messy Marvin

“Our line of Messy Marvin products is designed with the whole family in mind.  From parents to pets, we have amazing patterns, durable fabrics, and stain resistant seals that are not only beautiful to look at, but make clean-up a snap! Part of the fun of being a parent is watching our kids explore the world and try new things.  But it’s easy to miss the big picture when we have to worry about our fabrics and furniture being destroyed in the process.  Messy Marvin takes that stress away.”

About Marvin on the Move

“This is our fabulously stylish, yet practical tote that makes a perfect diaper bag. Indestructable. All have polished nickel clasps which can be opened to attach bag to a stroller or chair if needed. The adjustable soft seatbelt straps make this bag extremely comfortable to carry even with a large load. Made from our “Wipe it up” Messy Marvin lead free PVC lined fabric, ain’t nothing getting through this sucker! Can double as a cooler because don’t all Moms need a drink?”

Messy Marvin: Marvin On The Move Tote Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

My Review

There is no doubt about it, your diaper bag is essantially one of the most important purchases you will make when shopping for baby supplies. Your diaper bag will soon replace your purse and be by your side no matter where life takes you. Your diaper bag will travel with you to play dates, restaurants, restrooms, changing rooms, parks, playgrounds, the lake, the beach, soccer practices, the mall… practically everywhere! This is seriously going to need to be a bag the can withstand the travel, carry all your baby essentials (as well as your own) and most importantly… it has to look nice! If I am going to cart around a diaper bag for the next two years I want it to be stylish, fashionable and practical. This isn’t always the easiest to find and I am always seeing bags with puppies and kittens and while that’s great for young kids, it’s not something this mama wants to sport on her bag.

 I recently discovered one of the greatest diaper bags I have ever seen and I just can’t wait to tell you all about it. The Marvin on the Move Tote is one very durable bag that is also incredibly stylish. I have fallen in love with the chevron design on the inside and it makes me smile every time I see it. The fabric is also super easy to clean, meaning I don’t have to worry about my younger kids getting dirty hand prints all over it or cringe when it starts to get dirty from bringing it so many places. One of my favorite features has to be the clasps on the straps, which allows me to clip it onto a stroller or a chair. I don’t have to worry about purchasing clips to hang it on my stroller and I can adjust it perfectly. The straps are also extremely comfy so carrying it on my shoulder for long periods of time won’t cause me any discomfort.

Messy Marvin: Marvin On The Move Tote Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)



Finding places in this bag to keep you and your baby’s stuff is no problem at all considering it as a large outside pocket and four smaller ones on the inside. This will make it easy to organize our things and keep track of where they all are. I also adore the magnetic closure, which gives me quick access to the bag, but also ensures my items will stay safe inside the bag and not fall out. There is also a supportive, flat bottom on the bag so it doesn’t tip over when you have to put it down.


Messy Marvin: Marvin On The Move Tote Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

Messy Marvin: Marvin On The Move Tote Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

Messy Marvin: Marvin On The Move Tote Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

Overall I am extrememly impressed and 100% pleased with this diaper bag! Stylish and durable, I can now tote baby stuff around in a bag that I know can withstand my busy lifestyle and messy kids. As Messy Marvin said so perfectly: “So play with your kids.  Discover their world.  Have fun…  And don’t be afraid to get messy!”

Messy Marvin: Marvin On The Move Tote Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

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58 thoughts on “Messy Marvin: Marvin On The Move Tote Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

  1. I love the fact that the straps are nice and wide, and also that the bag is deep enough to put what you need in plus good size pockets 🙂 thanks for share

  2. I love this bag! And so easily cleaned? AWESOME! I love the seatbelt handles and chevron- such neat little touches.

  3. I think this bag is really attractive as well as being extremely functional. It is also pretty cool it can be used as a cooler as well.

  4. I love how this bag is so versatile! The colors and patterns are very stylish, as well.

  5. This bag looks awesome! I could use it for my daughter’s diaper bag, then use it for a beach bag for years afterwards, because it looks so durable it might last forever!!

  6. I love the seatbelt straps on this tote! Totally would make a great diaper bag 🙂 I am not usually into green but I do like the color of this bag!

  7. This is such a unique bag with wonderful features! I love how easy it is to clean. Very functional!

  8. I love that it can be cleaned so easily. The extra pockets inside are great to have. It looks like a strong, indestructible bag.

  9. I love this bag for sure! Awesome! I love the Chevron print on the interior and just seriously love it for so many uses! Even after the Diaper Bag stage, this is so very useful! Thanks for sharing the fabulous post and review.

  10. I love how it is made from seat belt straps and is PVS free…that stuff can be so stinky!
    The tote is super cute!

  11. Indestructible huh?? Give it to me and we’ll see! lol I am horrible to bags…I have always “killed” them in a short period of time esp the “fancy” ones. I like how you can unclip the strap so that you can hang it onto something like a stroller. There is only ONE thing that I would change about this bag, and that would be to make zippers. I have a horrible time from keeping myself from dumping bag accidentally. Dont ask me why I have no idea why it just happens lol Im sure that would go against its “indestructible-ness” but hey..some people just need zippers.

  12. The clasp and the seat buckle strap as well as the durable canvas this would be an excellent bag for me or for anyone for that matter@ Good luck everyone!

  13. I would love to use this as a diaper bag for our baby due in October. It looks durable but is still stylish.

  14. Such a beautiful bag!! Love how easy it is to clean – ours are always getting new stains on them.

  15. I love them. The straps are fantastic and what a great fabric. How much easier it will be to just wipe and it will look OK.

  16. My favorite feature on this bag are the clasps, super convenient for a stroller! I also LOVE this color green.

  17. I love the straps & the durability of the bag itself. What a great bag!!!Love the green,chevron and orange together!!!

  18. I love that it is so easy to clean. Diapers bags I had with my oldest was horrible. They got stained and dirty all the time. Could never just wipe them clean. This diaper bag would be a dream come true with my new little one on the way.

  19. I am impressed with the material of this bag. It looks like it is extremely durable and will last. I also like the material for cleaning up purposes, The diaper bag can have lots of germs etc and this is a nice feature. It is made with ingredients that help the environment which is a plus too!! Thanks for the information. I had not heard of this brand!

  20. I love this! I carry a tote bag with all my daughter’s medical supplies and medication. I feel like I haul the whole house it there. This looks like a tote bag but has so many other great features. The straps are a great feature. They will fit around the head rest of her wheelchair and can be unclipped easily if need be!

  21. I love that this bag is lead-free! So many toxins in everything these days…it’s nice to have a little rest from all that. (:

  22. This bag looks awesome! It looks super durable, and the strap look like they would hold up to the massive quantities of “stuff” that I cart around with me 🙂

  23. I enjoyed reading your review. This bag does look so durable. I love that you can wipe it clean inside and out!I loved the close up illustrations of the Bag1 It is really a Cute Bag! Have to keep my fingers crossed! Lol!! Great review! Have an awesome day!

  24. the diaper bags that i’ve owned have been either (1) stylish, but not durable or (2) durable, but not stylish. so i am happy to read your review and find out that there is a diaper bag that is both stylish AND durable. this bag is more than a diaper bag – it can be used for a variety of reasons – i can se myself using it for picnics or a trip to the pool, for example.

  25. Love how it uses seatbelts. It looks very roomy, and doesn’t seem like it has to be used just for a diaper bag.

  26. This diaper bag looks awesome! I love the look and storage space, as well as the durability and how extremely easy it is to keep clean! These are all must haves to me when it comes to finding the perfect diaper bag.

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